Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Rule #1: Treat Every Day Like Christmas."

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."  Hebrews 13:8
Christmas was only about 5 months ago.  Not too long, right?
Buddy the Elf's quote that I used to title this post is silly, and anyone who watches Christmas movies has surely heard it, but it can really be applied to our lives.  Around Christmas time jingling bells and  twinkling lights along with so many other things we associate with the season (songs, decorations, parties, gifts, treats, etc) lift our spirits as we get together to spend time with family and friends.  Kids get even more excited with the anticipation of the surprises Santa will leave underneath the tree on Christmas morning.  Giving gifts to family and friends and receiving some, too, there are so many things that encourage joyful attitudes.  As I've said in my other Christmas posts, we are able to have this joy at Christmas because Christ gives us the opportunity!  We are actually celebrating Jesus birth at this time, and even greater reason to enjoy the holiday.  However, we don't have to be filled with the Christmas spirit only in December.
Seasons change, but Christ does not.
Another reason that I am excused for posting about Christmas in May :)
We don't have to stop celebrating!

The day after Christmas, Mom and I went up to our neighbor's house to visit and exchange gifts.  I always enjoy getting to see their spoiled little dog, Mac, who I joke is named after me.  He is so sweet and playful, always ready to meet anyone who comes near!  Don and Gail have their hands full with this energetic little dog, but I am so glad he is there to keep them on their toes.

Mac is a pekingese, the breed that I think is basically a pug with long fur.  That's another reason I love him!  I can't have a pug of my own, but my neighbors have a pekingese, and that's close enough.

"Family" Photo
They're not really my grandparents, but I feel like they could be.

That morning I took a day-after-Christmas run, rather spur-of-the-moment, as I decided that I wanted to try a new pancake:  peppermint and York.  To add extra peppermint flavor, I wanted to add some extract, but we didn't have any.  So my run turned into a destination run, and I threw on my new running shirt Mom and Dad got me the day before, grabbed an Ingles card and a couple dollars, and ran to the store!  I made a quick stop, put the bottle in my tights' pocket, and came back home to whip up my new creation.

I downloaded a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree decorating app during the holidays, which brought back memories of my childhood when I played little online Christmas games all the time!

More holiday season creations:
Pumpkin Ice Cream:
Yoplait pumpkin pie yogurt
milk and almond milk
pumpkin butter
Apple Almond Butter Quinoa
Maple Flavored Coffee

Mutts comics are sentimental, simple, and sweet.
There are few things better than a great night's sleep.

Time is constantly flying by faster than I can comprehend, but over the past month, I've been making sure I take the time to pause and look back on the days and the things I've learned.  As cliché as it may be, count your blessings.  You'll come to find that there was probably more to be thankful for than you even realized at the time.  I know I've seen it!  Looking at the big picture of things really helps me shape my attitude in a better way.
"Stop and consider God's wonders"  Job 37:14