Saturday, July 4, 2015

FYE (For Your Entertainment)...& E (Encouragement)

Just a few random things fyee:
My mom isn't a big fan of self-serve frozen yogurt because it is so expensive, but she is actually the one who brought this to my attention.  She was so impressed by Menchie's in Knoxville; the story really touched her!  (I also thought it may increase my chances of going there to give them support.)  One of the Menchie's stores in Knoxville is totally dedicated to giving young people with special needs a safe, happy, fun place to work.  They really appreciate it so much, and the story will make you smile if you get a chance to follow the link above.
The farther into this year we get, the closer it is to the premier of the Peanuts Movie!  I've been anticipating this for about 2 years now since I first heard of it!  It has also been years since I've been to the movie theater, but this one will get me there for sure.  In the past month, they released the official trailer.  Luckily, this is a movie anyone can go watch without having to worry about something nasty coming up.

Does anyone else remember sea monkeys?  A friend and I somehow ended up having a conversation about them a while ago!  They were so small, but entertaining!  I grew some in my kitchen when I was little.

Finally, when we got towards the end of school, during AP History, we watched some videos with the more recent presidents.  A quote from Ronald Reagan stood out to me:  "As long as there will be final exams, there will be prayer in school."  Well, final exams are definitely still being taken, and prayer is needed in schools now more than ever.  It may not be a recognized or popular thing to do, but I will always pray in school.  And anywhere else.  Without prayer, things go crazy.  Can you see evidence of that?  I'm sure you do.  Not only our entire country, but every small area needs more leaders with this kind of thinking.