Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 10th-Sectionals Surprise

Saturday, May 10th, 2014
aka the best day of racing thus far in my life
Going into these races, I was not expected to win.  I didn't even expect myself to win either.  In both my events, I was ranked 2nd behind a senior from Hardin Valley, Emma Mashburn, who will be going to run at Furman in the fall.  I have known her as one of my biggest running competitors since I started high school cross country, and now track as well.  Although she is a great cross country runner, I think she does better on the track, where her speed can beat out many others on the shorter and flatter races.  I thought I may have a chance, at least to push her some, especially since you never know what God has planned!  I also beat her in all the cross country races I have been in against her for the past 2 years.  However, I am at a disadvantage big time for experience on the track, but that is why there is a first time for everything!
I was also super excited that this section I meet was at Science Hill like the last time I had  my best races, and the weather was pretty hot and sunny, which is where I tend to have an advantage.

If you race, you know what nerves can do to your stomach.  Closer to race time, I could feel that I was more nervous than I thought!  I always get more nervous about the 1600, because it is so much more intense than anything I've been used to.  The shorter the race, the smaller the margin for error.  I've also always been used to running long distances, so it has been a challenge getting myself ready to race short ones!  I'm getting the hang of it, though.  I knew I was going to have to start fast to get a good spot and stay fast to keep myself in position to have a chance.  A PR is always a good goal, but I don't usually care about time as long as I'm in the place I want to be.  My main goal is to just run as hard as I can through the finish.  I don't want to start out too fast, but I also couldn't let myself get started too slow and have too much ground to cover in the second half.  Track has a lot more strategy than you realize until you have to do it.  Another reason I am a fan of long distance-more time to think about what you're doing.
From the time the gun went off, it was us two in the lead.  I stayed right behind her, then decided after we broke in around the first curve on the back straight, I would step in front.  I stayed there for a little while, but she passed me back.  At the 300 mark of the 3rd lap, my favorite spot to make my move, I accelerated in front and kicked it in from there.  You have no idea how scary it is to be leading a race at that point.  You can't see them, but they can see you, and all you can think is, "Oh my gosh, she's right behind me; I gotta go.  I can't let her catch me.  Oh gosh, I gotta go fast; Jesus help me!"  That last lap is always where I just push all I have into that finish line, especially in the last 100 meters, because I do not want to get beat that close to the end. 
I surprised everyone, including myself.  I was not supposed to win that race, but then, I had also never had anyone to push me like that.  God gave me good feeling legs this day!  I broke my PR by 10 seconds, finishing in 5:04, also breaking the school 1600 record by 4 seconds and improving my place for state by many places.
One down, one to go.

It had rained all morning, clearing up to be beautiful for the 1600 and other afternoon races, but by the time I did warm up #2, it clouded up, then began to rain again before the 3200.  I hate rain.  By the time I was about half way through my cool down it stopped, though.  We started out this one almost the same, Emma and I in front, but I took the lead from the break and kept it, since I had a little more confidence that I could take her today, especially feeling so good.  I kept that lead through the whole race, stretching it out a few steps each lap (as I knew because I could hear my friend's dad yelling for me each lap).  That last lap again, I gave it all I had, blazing my way to a huge PR of 10:50.  That was 14 seconds off my old best time, and moved me into first in the state, a time that still stands for the 2014 season.  This was the most worn out I'd been at the end of a race before.  I was speechless, but for two reasons:  one, I shocked myself and everyone at the meet; two, I was completely out of breath!  People along the sides were telling me how good I did, but I could barely spit out a thank you!  They said that was okay, just breathe!  Dad also told me afterwards that that was the most spent he'd seen me at the finish.  That's good, though; I need to make myself run harder.
I felt overwhelmed at the end of it all to see what I am able to do.  As this is my first track season, this gave me confidence and excitement moving forward into future seasons.  It was a day for tears of joy!  I am beginning to see more opportunities to be able to share God's love through what I love to do!

After the race, I changed shoes and met up with one of my best racing friends I have made through track this season, Macy Carrier from Tennessee High, who is also a senior going to ETSU next fall.  She is the one in maroon that you can see from behind my shoulder with the #3.  She placed third in the 3200, qualifying for her first state meet, so I was very excited for her!  We had cooled down together several times this season and had lots of fun, so we headed out one more time!  She had to leave a little shorter to go back to her school's athletic banquet, so I ended up cooling down some more with Emma and another HV girl.  It's funny to me how in running sports, your competition is often your best friends, too.

I am very thankful to the Tennessee High coaches for being so kind and encouraging to me as well, and even helping me get some college attention!  They are always there cheering for me and taking pictures for me, even though I'm huge competition.

This may give you a laugh; it definitely made me and others at the meet laugh.
On the jumbotron screen, they had listed for each race, so many letters of the runners' first names then so many letters of the school they are from in the order that they are in the race at any given time.  During the 1600, I kept looking up there when I would be facing that direction, and I got really confused.  I saw a name in front that was Makenzi Morris.  "Who is that?"  I couldn't figure out why a Makenzi Morris was up there and I did not know who this was with almost the same name as me.  Then there was a Chantal Morris.  "Whoa!  There's another Chantal!  And she has a sister named Makenzi!  After the race I have to go tell Chantal that there's another Chantal!"  (One of my teammates is named Chantal).  Then after the race, I was sitting in the stands and realized, oh, that was Chantal and me.  My first name was too many letters and Morristown West was too many letters.  It was Makenzie from Morristown and Chantal from Morristown.  I felt really dumb, but everyone thought it was hilarious!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"May Your Love Increase and Overflow..."

Every once and a while, my youth group chooses a book of the Bible, and we spend a week, Sundays and Wednesdays, per chapter.  The most recent one we did was 1 Thessalonians, and one day, our youth pastor Rob had a great illustration to use with chapter 3, verse 12.  I wish I had the pictures he used and a video of his demonstration, but I don't know what he does with them after he records each day.
The verse says, "May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other, and for everyone else, just as ours does for you."
This is not just to increase within ourselves.  What good is a cup that is filled and filled, until it overflows like this one above, if it only spills out into the floor?  Yes, it is great to have others pouring into you, but you also need others that you are pouring into.  Erin, a college student and intern at FBC refers to this as having a Paul, Timothy, and Barnabus.  We all need at least one of each.  We need someone who is more mature than us in the faith that can teach us and pour into us. (Pual).  We need someone younger than us, who needs someone above them in the faith, so that we can share with them. (Timothy).  We also need a Barnabus, someone who is with us along the journey to understand and grow right along side us. 
This is what our overflowing faith should look like!  One person pouring into another, all encouraging each other and building each other up in the faith.
May your love not only increase within yourself, but may it also overflow into the world!

2+1/2 Weeks and Counting

After the break for Good Friday, we had 2 and a half weeks left.  It doesn't seem like long, but there was way too much to do in that little bit of time.  We made it though!

Saturday, May 3rd was our IMAC conference track meet that we hosted at school.  It was a nice sunny day, but not too warm, and pretty windy.  I got some sun, but since the temps were only in the 60s and there was wind, I never really broke a sweat.  The races this season always start out with the 4x800, and I was a part of it sometimes.  I'm not a very good short-distance runner, but I'm trying to get there.  For this meet, we had two regulars from this event then Haylea and me as well.  I did get my best time in this event so far, so that was an improvement.  I love this picture of us as conference champs!  On the right is Emily, one of the best 800 runners in the state, then Haylea who is going to King University in the fall to run cross country and track, then me, and Cherie who has one more year with Emily and me in high school.  Later in the afternoon, I also claimed wins and conference records in the 1600 and 3200.  It was a beautiful day!  This meet was actually done before dinner time, so we had time to relax, eat, and get home at a normal time!
Monday morning was my first AP test for this year in Psychology.  An awesome thing my school does when a student has an AP test is excusing them from any other classes for the day.  So if you have an afternoon test, you can just walk in around lunch time, or if you have a morning test, you can just leave when you're done!  AP Psychology was the afternoon test on this day, so I slept in a little then went on my run for the day.  Then I came home and ate lunch/breakfast before leaving for school.  The test seemed easier than I expected, which is always a good thing to see on test day!
I am a part of a social club at my school called Sub Debs, and each year we have a "hell week" for the new pledges, freshmen.  This year they had to dress up like grandma's for the week-no make up or showers either.  (If you play a sport, you can rinse).  Each day, the girls have 2 people that they have to bring a small gift of their choosing.  The first day, I got a gift from one of my since-preschool best friend's little sister, Gracey, who is a sweetheart.  I asked her the day before for a Luna Smores protein bar and her favorite Bible verse, which you can see is Proverbs 17:17.
Day 2 of hell week was from another girl I have known a long time through basketball and cross country and track with her and her brother, Quintin.  Abby is also super sweet and cheery, so I was excited to have her on my call list!  I asked her for some fresh pineapple and a Bible verse, and she also included a little note with it.  Her verse was Ephesians 4:32.
Wednesday's gift was a box of Honey Nut Cheerios!  Each day, I wanted a gift that I knew I would have bought sometime anyways, so I would just save myself a few bucks.  I love my cereal.
Since I am only a sophomore, my gift-receiving only went through Thursday, but Molly, who I go to church with, brought me 2 of my favorite drinks:  Yumberry Pomegranate Life Water
The next Tuesday, I had another AP test in Government and Politics.  This test was in the morning, so I got to leave when I finished.  One of my best friends, Katlyn, and I decided to go ahead and do our speed workout before lunch so we could get done and get home.  It was the hottest, most humid day we had so far in the year, and I could tell!  I got sunburt, too, even only being out there around and hour and a half.  It was a combination in 4 sets of 600s, 400s, and 200s.  The elementary schools also had some of their "top athletes" there competing against each other in their first annual elite fitness day, where they did all kinds of running events.  Katlyn and I got to see many people we know, including parents and kids, even Katlyn's little sister and our beloved cross country coach who has a daughter who was also out there running.  That being said, we had lots of spectators for our workouts.  Katlyn would be racing different events than I would be, so we did our own workouts, but were still there to encourage each other, and got to talk to Coach Farmer in between reps, which helped us feel better going through it.  He was a pleasant surprise!  By the end of that workout, I was exhausted!  After that I went home to grab some lunch, then cleaned up and got ready to go to Regency to have dinner with my grandmother, this beautiful lady in orange.
I have so many great memories with this woman.  She is such a strong lady who has been through so much.  I never got to meet her husband because he died before my mom even got to meet him, and she has been through 3 rounds of cancer.  It has made her much weaker and slower day by day, but I still think she is precious.  I enjoy getting to visit her and see her smile and be so glad to see me.  All her friends there enjoy my company, too.  She always says their food is really bad, but I don't think all of it is!  Hopefully me being there eating it will help her think it isn't so bad.  They provide great care at Regency.  This picture actually came from a visit the week before this, when I went to the annual mother-daughter banquet.

Sweet and simple, we as children of God are called to "live a life of love."
Finding new, yummy, healthy additions to my meals always interests me.  Bolthouse Farms is a great brand I've gotten a lot from over the past year, and anything with honey draws my attention, so I got this yogurt honey mustard dressing to have with my grilled chicken salads!
World Vision, where I sponsor a young girl in Ecuador, did a twitter hashtag #WorldVisionSponsor to get "selfies" of sponsors holding pictures of their children to share on their website on Facebook page.  This is the picture I tweeted holding pictures of Alicia and her family.
I just think my dog is so cute, even though he gets absolutely disgusting rolling in the dirt at home.  However, he does clean up nice after a bath.

DIY Healthy Ice Cream

This picture may not look too appetizing, as it looks like dirt, but I promise, it is not dirt.  I was trying to find a way to use some things that I had at home to stretch out the time until I would go to the store to get some more things for dessert.  It didn't turn out exactly ice cream texture, but it was still very good!
In my bigger blender, I threw in yogurt, frozen yogurt, cocoa powder, almond milk, cow milk, Reece's Pieces, peanuts, dark chocolate snickers, vanilla, vanilla protein powder, and at this point, I really can't remember what else.  I blended it, froze it, and kept it to scoop out for or to add to dessert for a week or so!  Since it had quite a bit of liquid in it, it froze pretty solid, so I had to let it thaw a little in the fridge during dinner before I would take any out.
Some other flavors I may try like this sometime are:  banana, peanut butter banana, coffee, orange

The Downhill Stretch

Here's some highlights from the time after spring break to the end of school.  Summer and Jesus were the only things keeping me going through the constant tests, homework, and stress of never having enough time to accomplish anything!
Some mornings when I get to school, Mom would text me a picture of a comic she thinks is funny.  I loved this one, so I cut it out to keep!  I run track, so I know all about improving splits, and ice cream is my thing.  Put them together, and well, there's not much more to me.
I found this picture on Picky Bars' instagram page, conveniently just days after racing in the pouring rain at Hardin Valley.  This is something I need to remember:  I hate the weather, but everyone else there has to race in it, too! 
Heading into the park before practice one Wednesday, Vanessa, a local runner and elementary teacher was in front of me, and I had to take a picture of her license plate!
"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."  Proverbs 17:17
"A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."  Proverbs 18:24
Although there really was no time for me to do this, I always feel better after doing something "spiritual" for lack of better terms, so I made some decorative verses for some friends who I felt, like me, may be struggling to make it to the end of the school year.
Ain't he photogenic?
This came to my mind as I listened to the KLove Morning Show one morning on my way to church.  Things don't go wrong to torture us; things go the way God has planned to glorify Him.
This one came to me as I was reading my devotion that same Sunday morning.
Jesus didn't unfortunately experience the most terrible death; this was the plan for our salvation.
I don't remember what made me think of this one, but I was laying in bed.  Lots of good thoughts come to me there.
This is my life-long best friend/almost family who is a senior this year, Erika, before a chilly track meet at school
I was very tired and weary, in need of restoring and refreshment!  This verse coming up was an encouragement to my day.
Here's me and one of the top high school runners in the state, and even up there in the country, Wesley Pectol.  He's also the one that girls go crazy over at track and cross country meets.  At this meet at Tennessee High in Bristol, we were awarded the most outstanding runner male and female.  I won 2 events, the 1600 and 3200, while Wesley won 3, the 800, 1600, and 3200, while also running the anchor leg in the 4x400 right after the 3200.  Talk about endurance on a hot day!  It's great to see and get to know runners from right here in East Tennessee be so successful.
Although Greeneville is a "small" school in the A-AA division, Wesley won 3 events at the state meet last week and received a golden ticket to the dream mile.
This is an old picture from several years ago's Easter, but what beautiful verses to remember during the holiday celebrating the best thing to ever happen to the world.
I got invited to the family birthday party of one of my friends who lives in a nearby neighborhood, Abby!  Her dad was my elementary and travel basketball coach, and we got to be best friends, along with our entire families.  Her younger brother was actually my first real boyfriend in 4th/5th grade, and he is still one of my best friends because he's just such a sweetheart and good guy!  I am so thankful to have this family here treating us like their own family, too.  She has also come to the beach with me twice!
The far right is Ericka, who I used to go to church with.
Abby, me, and Noah
I want a man who runs, is not afraid to talk to me, and loves the Lord most of all!  My friend posted this quote on instagram, then I went online and searched for it.
I got to try something totally new on April 18th, and I fell in love.  This was a 2-day meet in Johnson City at Science Hill High School that is called the Tri-Cities Track Classic.  They have an amazing stadium there!  I had heard of people running the steeplechase, but really had no idea what it was.  We don't have many opportunities to race it around here like in other parts of the country, but this was one meet we went to that offered it.  My coach asked me one day earlier in the week if I would like to try it, so of course I said yes.  Never in my life have I jumped a hurdle or even watched other people in a steeplechase race.  Many adults were worried that I would hurt myself.  I was just out there to try it and have fun, so I just kept telling them that I would be fine.  We showed up on Friday night, having no clue what to do because I was the only member of my team who was already there.  The steeplechase was the first event, starting at 5:20.  I talked to the Science Hill coach because I figured she would know what I needed to do since their school was hosting the meet, then went on my warmup.  There were some of the barriers in the field inside the track that we could practice on before things got started.  I stood around and watched other people jump it for a little bit, while I tried to figure out how I was going to get over that thing.  I awkwardly tried a few ideas and couldn't help but laugh at myself because I knew I had to look silly.  After all, the thing is about half my height.  Luckily there was a girl from nearby Greeneville that I knew, so I had someone to talk to and tell me a little bit about it before the race started.  I didn't even know that there was 5 barriers on each lap for 5 laps, as this was a 2000m race.  We got in just a bit more "practice" as we waited behind the start line, but I still had no idea what I was getting into.  My mom refused to watch the first few laps and never even watched me go into the water until we watched the video online late that night.  They did a great job of posting results on Tennessee Runner for this meet.  Watch the video if you would like.  It's quite humorous in my opinion.  Starting out, I took off in front, not that I knew what I was doing.  Mom and Dad said they kept laughing at me, saying, "What is she doing in front?  She doesn't know what she's doing, she should just follow somebody whose done this before!"  That is not how I work.  I was there for a race, not a game of follow the leader!  Funnier still, for the first lap or so, on the running, I would get a big lead, but get passed as we jumped over the barriers.  It took me about 2 laps before I figured out how to jump it more efficiently.  I have always been the type of kid to climb fences and trees and play in the water, so this was just a more "sophisticated/organized" form of that for me.  I had so much fun!  I wish I had the opportunity to do it again, because with practice and experience, I could do so much better!  We were all astonished as I finished in 7:28, destroying the school, meet, and current state record (for this season).  It even qualified me for the USATF Junior Olympics, although I am not going.  Imagine what I could do if I actually trained for it!  Everyone got the biggest kick out of watching me race that, and I really enjoyed it, too.  That night and over the next few days, I kept getting asked, "How did you do that last night?" "What do you do to train for a steeplechase like that?" and I just had to laugh and tell them, "I had never done that before.  I'd never practiced; my coach asked if I wanted to try it, so I showed up!" and they were amazed.  I feel so blessed to hear people tell me at almost every meet how much they enjoy watching me run.  I just can't explain the joy that gives me in knowing that I have such a platform to share God's love with the world.  I pray that I use these opportunities to do so every chance I get.
I am also in the 2 mile for that night, blessed to set a PR for that point in the season.  The man who was lining us up at the start line looked shocked when he saw me and asked if I was back to race again after winning the steeplechase earlier.  I replied "Yeah, I am!" with a big smile on my face, never feeling better.  It is an indescribable feeling when God just lifts you beyond what you know you can do and help you feel so good.  This was one of my most memorable nights all season.  Only one coach showed up and a few teammates who raced events later that night, but we had a great night.  The next day was the majority of the events, so we all went down for that.  I ran the 1 mile the next day, too, but it was a few seconds off my PR.  After a night off my legs after those races, I was feeling it the next day!  My left calf took all the pain from the steeplechase, always jumping off of and landing on that same leg, so my calf was about to snap for almost two weeks.  Luckily, soreness is okay!  Building muscle...
I felt amazingly blessed to have felt so fresh and able to run like that!  You may never know what you are capable of until God gives you the opportunity and the strength to take advantage of it.
I used to really dislike coconut shavings, flavor, and stuff like that, but now, I am in love!  TCBY has also been stepping up its game lately, partnering with brands like Silk and Mrs. Fields to get new, tasty flavors.  My new favorite that I pick up almost every time it is on the calendar at Morristown's store is Silk Coconut.  I love to mix things in with my yogurt, too, so with this I add Light & Fit Greek Toasted Coconut Vanilla yogurt, Luna chocolate dipped coconut protein bar, dark chocolate and coconut Newtons Fruit Thins (another new thing I have tried and loved), chocolate Fiber One squares, and a dollop or two of cool whip.
This verse came up on a day close to the end of school.  I did not yet have many things that I was hoping and waiting for, but I am not a very patient person.  AP tests, Algebra II final exam, Spanish II final exam, final grades, the trip to Murfreesboro, the state meet, sunshine, relaxing, sleep, knowing the outcome of the races, just wanting so much uncertainty to be behind me--all these things were wearing me thinner than thin!
However, God leaves us with things unknown in life so that we cling to Him.  Although it is wonderful to have times of rest here on earth, there is no R&R that will ever compare to what we will experience in heaven.  Each day is a step in our journey to eternity, so we should embrace it.  Waiting patiently for things that we have no idea when or how they may happen is difficult, but all we really have to do is rest in Christ's embrace, trust in His plan, and use every opportunity He gives us to serve Him in some way.  By focusing on things other than ourselves, life becomes so much better before we even realize it.  
Easter afternoon, I had had a tough previous day and was in need of a big fuel boost, so I came inside from the trampoline and whipped up some pancakes.   That Reece's Pieces carrot was part of my Easter gift from Mom and Dad, so I added them to the batter, spread Bee's Knees and honey on top, and sliced a banana on there, too.  I really wish I could have a life-time job of hosting cross country camps and coordinating activities and meals for people.  I'll have to look into that.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally Spring Break!

Shew, after those last snow days, it felt like spring break would never come.  Finally, I got a week of break, though, but it never seems long enough!  We had a track meet on Saturday, but then I finally got to spend some time at home.
One of my favorite verses appeared on my Peanuts daily calendar.
I made another delicious dessert!  This time it was apple cobbler.  I used honey vanilla greek Yoplait frozen yogurt, honey caramel Greek Gods yogurt, an apple pie yogurt, apple cinnamon Newtons, granola, Honey Nut Cheerios, honey, cinnamon, apple butter, and apples of course!
We had quite a variety of weather over spring break.  As it always works out, the weeks before and after were both beautiful and warm.
This was on Tuesday on my way to meet a friend at school to do a speed workout on the track.  It was sunny when I left home, but decided to dump snow again 5 minutes later.  Don't worry; I was practically stopped.  No one on the roads could see where they were going.
For the workout, I wore some bright, very coordinating clothes to help keep me warm!  The wind was awful even when the sun came out every few minutes, but I actually wasn't too cold.
Candy bar coffee creamer:  pretty good! It is just hard to beat the actual chocolate, though.
While Mom and I took a shopping trip to Knoxville, I got a  new dress for this summer at
American Eagle, one of my favorites.
One of my other favorites, Target, always has fancy things for me to try.  This is a pasta sauce made from mainly squash and pumpkins.  It was fantastic!  I used it to make pasta and pizza sauce.
At Walmart, I found a quick way to get garlic flavor in my Italian foods, like pizza.  Just buy it in paste.
Peanut butter is just one of those things....yum. 
 I picked up some Ben & Jerry's greek frozen yogurt that is peanut butter banana and found a cool  Justin's peanut butter cup that is dark chocolate on the outside at Target.  I also picked up a portable pack of that brand's maple almond butter.
Ya know, bananas are cool, too.
Sam's is a great place for bulk, and sometimes you can find original things that you wouldn't expect, too.  This is a big box of Kimberly's Bakeshoppe granola with all kinds of seeds, nuts, and dried fruit.
On Thursday, the weather was much warmer!  I wore shorts and a t shirt to the track for my workout.  I met a friend and another one showed up towards the end, too.  It was a fantastic workout, and it helped that the weather was nice.
Nothing too fancy here, just chocolate Bear Naked granola and cereal with vanilla greek yogurt with dark chocolate bits.
The Saturday at the end of spring break had a track meet scheduled on it, too, this time at
Hardin Valley Academy, a very nice and newer high school in Knoxville.  It was a cold and ugly, rainy, windy day, all my least favorite weathers in one.  My first race, the 1600, was not a very good one for me.  I placed 7th and ran a decent time, but I still was not happy.  Weather didn't help that.  I sat in the car for a while to try and thaw out.  I was shivering on the start line, then still cold when I finished and just miserable.  After a while of sitting in the car, the rain stopped, but the wind blew hard.  I warmed up for my second event, hoping to redeem myself, if only for my own peace of mind.  The temperature outside had dropped about 15 degrees from the start of races, too.  Of course, as we got ready to line up for the 3200, the rain started again.  One of my best friends was such a trooper, and she and her dad stayed to cheer me on!  I told her that she did not have to, and I wouldn't have wanted to do that at all, but they said that they wanted to.  I started out in front, but got passed by a great runner from Beech Senior High School that I had gotten to race and talk to her and her twin at many cross country meets over the years.  I had not had much track experience at this point, but at the last 100 meters of the 7th lap, I decided that I felt good, so I picked it up and passed her about 10 meters or so ahead of me and kept pulling it out in that final lap.  I needed that boost to end my day!  After my cool down, I was still freezing, but it didn't seem so cold now that I was finished and could go inside. 
I had told Mom earlier that if I made it through that day all I wanted was some coffee.  Luckily, a McDonald's down the road made that dream come true.  We also went out to eat after that of course, too.
I follow a blog that I try to look at on my phone every day called 365 Promises.  How perfect that this would come up on a race day.  In the race of life, I know that I can persevere through every trial and struggle because my Savior has a better reward for me when I am finished with life than anything here on earth could ever promise.
After the race, we went to my absolute favorite, Salsarita's!  I always get a large burrito bowl with chicken, guacamole, black and pinto beans, and all the salsas and some veggies.
Foursquare is a handy little app where you can see nearby locations, deals, pictures, and reviews.  At some places, you can get free stuff or coupons when you check in!  This one was for free chips and salsa.  Chili's has one for this appetizer, too, each time you check in.