Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Long but Wonderful Day

This was a very long time ago, but I have not had any time this second semester to update anything.  I had saved pictures to share about, so now I am adding the words!

My school does a job shadowing day for sophomores, so on March 6th, I went to work with my dad at Rich's, where he is the head cost accountant for the Morristown plants.  He has been working there for several years now, and I have learned lots of interesting things.  They make all kinds of foods for stores all across America.  The most well-known item they produce is probably the muffins for Dunkin Donuts!  They also make the best carrot cake I have ever had in my life.  It is full of real carrots, raisins, spices, and nuts.  That was even my birthday cake last year.  Whenever a product is being tested or has the slightest imperfection, they leave them on carts in the testing or break room for employees to have.  Sometimes they also sell them for a dollar or two to raise money for charities.  While I was there, dad sent me on tours of both of the plants to see the foods being made.  That is some industrial-sized cooking for sure!  That's not the job that I want to have, but it worked out getting to spend the morning with my dad.
Rich Products Corporation logo
Below is my favorite muffin:  honey bran raisin!  They were running on the day I took my tour, so they let me bring a couple home.
When it was lunch time, Dad took me out to Subway to grab a big sandwich.  Then we also went to TCBY for dessert to fill the extra time before I had to go back to school.  My fourth block class has mixed grade levels, so there were still going to be people in there to have class with.  After school, I had to get out fast to do my track speed workout, because I had a concert to catch!  I ended up getting in a warm up and cool down, with 6 800s and 3 300s, all in time to be changed and ready when my mom and dad pulled in the parking lot at 4:15.  From there we headed to Cheddar's in Johnson City to meet some people from my parents' Sunday School class for dinner.  After that we went to Freedom Hall to see Casting Crowns on their Thrive tour.  I saw them in my first concert ever a couple years ago, and I was so excited to hear some new music from them!  Since I have been going to concerts, I have realized that people perform way more music than what we hear on the radio!  I had never even heard the song that is the theme for the tour, Thrive.  Another great song I heard for the first time was Just be Held.
Here are some of my favorite quotes/song lyrics from the night, that I also tweeted.  I found these very applicable to my life!
"Just to know You and to make You known
we life Your name on high
We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives
It's time for us to more than just survive.
We were made to thrive!
Joy unspeakable, faith unsinkable, love unstoppable, anything is possible!"
The other band who was with Casting Crowns on this tour was For King & Country.  I didn't know much about them before the concert except for some of their songs.   They are such a cool group of guys!  Very unselfish, humble, and focused on doing for others.

This was during one of Casting Crowns's most popular songs, Glorious Day.  It's one of my mom's favorites, too, so she was singing loud!  It's a beautiful song about how the love of Christ has saved us, His story, beginning to end, and one day ultimately when He comes back!