Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY Healthy Ice Cream

This picture may not look too appetizing, as it looks like dirt, but I promise, it is not dirt.  I was trying to find a way to use some things that I had at home to stretch out the time until I would go to the store to get some more things for dessert.  It didn't turn out exactly ice cream texture, but it was still very good!
In my bigger blender, I threw in yogurt, frozen yogurt, cocoa powder, almond milk, cow milk, Reece's Pieces, peanuts, dark chocolate snickers, vanilla, vanilla protein powder, and at this point, I really can't remember what else.  I blended it, froze it, and kept it to scoop out for or to add to dessert for a week or so!  Since it had quite a bit of liquid in it, it froze pretty solid, so I had to let it thaw a little in the fridge during dinner before I would take any out.
Some other flavors I may try like this sometime are:  banana, peanut butter banana, coffee, orange