Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's New

School has started, and that means change.  There are a lot of new things going on, so here is a look at some of them!

Last year, I parked in this spot almost every day after I started driving to school. It's like they remembered!
Saturday, we were supposed to have a team car wash to help raise more money for cross country, but the weather forecast was terrible, and we cancelled. That was actually a bad idea because our weather tends to be wrong. It was. Hot, humid, sunny. Oh well. I got to check another thing off of my bucket list since I had the morning free!  Every few Saturdays, my CrossFit affiliated gym does a free easier class, and I headed over!  Afterwards, I rode a stationery bike. 
What a mouthful: National Society of High School Scholars. I am a member!  I doubt it will ever mean anything besides a Tshirt and something to write on resumes due to my extracurricular activities and the locations of meetings, but it's still an honor!
That's what I say. I never look at my watch on runs, except to know distance.  I just go as fast as I feel like going. 
Having teammates to push me and enjoy runs with is something I am extremely familiar with!  I had to share this article with them. 
After some Sunday afternoon exercising, I propped my feet up I the railing and relaxed a bit to get some recovery blood flowing. 
Another new thing off my list, a class at the Main Loft fitness studio downtown!  The class I took was called Pound, where we worked on some core stuff to music. I got a pleasant surprise of seeing a church friend here, too!
After that, I went over to the good ole Haas house (my friend Katlyn again) to ride their new stationery bike. In-place things get boring, so I was glad I had her to talk to (and take this picture).  Interval/fartleks also help things go by faster!
The day before I made this delicious dessert bowl was national s'mores day, the day for me. S'mores are one of my favorite flavors!
Cliche white girl with her Starbucks. Not. I kept the cup and put my own protein shake in it!  Frozen coffee cubes and a coffee house shake
After a crazy practice full of changes and new speed workouts due to weather (rain and storms), I got to see a rainbow as I did my cool down strides, drills, and stretches. 
I am so lucky!  Blessed, I would actually put it. I have an online class first block, which means that I do not have to go into school until 9:20 or 9:35 depending on the day. This gives me opportunities to sleep in, work, run, and other things!  After Bible Study, I got to study at Chick-fil-a. 
Yum!  Protein fuel snack to go with lunch!  
This sounds like my family. I would love chicken and onions on a pizza. Dad loves mushrooms. We never can agree on food!
One of my best friends that I share my struggles with tagged me in the caption if this, and I love it!  I know I'm small, but hey, God made me that way!
Check out that neon coordination!
Every year, the team takes a trip (not required) to just across the border into NC to Big Creek Campground for a trail run and cookout. 
Here is the view of all the parents circled up!
My dad totally jumped in the background of this unplanned. It's cute, though!
At church, we have a fall and spring sports Orange and Blue Sunday for our local college,Carson Newman, sports teams. The football team is the main fall team, and they fill the place up!
The life of a runner. 
I'm really excited, because I recently found the official Peanuts Instagram and twitter accounts. 
This reminded me of Chantal and Cherie's party, because it was a sleepover with friends and a campfire!
YES. Even. Though it's nt really a break, it's better than nothing. I need a break!
The twins and I are the queens of finding change. 
This time at Chick-fil-a, I spent my extra time in Bible study and song. I believe that music is a powerful gift God has given to uplift us!  I'm not very good with words, but I love getting into worship/contemporary Christian music. The words can be so applicable and are so beautiful. If it weren't for music, my spiritual life would not be near as strong. 
I set up a lab at my computer in the Astron yearbook room. We aren't doing much right now, because there isn't much to put in the yearbook yet. This helps me tremendously, as it gives me extra time to do homework and study. 
This is an awesome team picture!  I love action shots, and what better to have an action shot of than pre-race prayer?