Tuesday, November 4, 2014


One of my favorite things to do is be creative. I love designing and decorating things to show who I am and what I believe. There are always new ideas on my list, and I never have time to complete them all, but here are some past and present ways that I have expressed myself!

I made this picture for my grandmother a couple years ago, featuring many if the things we enjoyed together as I was growing up. She took me to the zoo, Dollywood, made cake, read books, and even played "basketball" on the goal magnetized to the fridge of her apartment. She also let me sugar-load my already-sweet Honey Nut Cheerios. 
This ring is a powerful encouragement through scripture for something that I should focus on more each day.
I made this picture last year before cross country season for my binder to remind me each day to give all I have to be the best runner that I can be, in practice and races.
I made muffins for the pajama day tailgate last fall, and I wanted to include something encouraging. Joy is my word, so short and sweet I added flags to my muffins!  They were pumpkin-carrot cake flavor!
Fall hanitizers are the best group of scents!  The s'mores one is not only adorable, but the best smelling, too. I have a thing for s'mores.
This Tervis was given to me by one of my friends since preschool. Now I use it for coffee all the time, but this day I had filled it with a pumpkin pie protein shake!
Here I began putting my birthday presents (last year) to good use!  The Starbucks self-decoratable tumbler was from Azalia and the pumpkin spice Clif Bar was from Katlyn. The coffee inside that cup was also from Katlyn: pumpkin spice flavor!  She knows me so well.
State week always comes with stuffed animals. Last year I got this fox/bear (we never could find out, but it had a long tail?) and dressed it in Build-a-bear clothes to express my love of celebrating the holidays!

These tissues are with me in my cross country bag and another in my Jeep's console to show my love for peanuts. Chantal and Cherie gave them to me. 

This summer, I "customyzed" my own Tervis with a few random, yet self-relevant things. 

Jesus, goats, cute whales...

I have a big dry erase board in my room that I always decorate with the seasons. This is what I did to start off this school year and cross country season. 

Kellogg's @hellocereal tweeted me!  I have a cereal obsession too. There are just countless flavors to try!

I like to use cute spoons with my sweets!  Even trying to color coordinate them moray of the time. Menchie's wins the best spoon contest. 

This is mirrored, but my phone case has been a big expression of me for the past couple years!  My previous one was getting old, so mom let me design a new one for my new phone. It was this same verse with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree scene, because: Jesus, Charlie Brown,and Christmas are my three favorite!  But this is my newest one. 

I used to have a bad habit of getting all the way to empty with the light on and it ringing at me before I would realize that I needed gas. It wasn't on purpose; I just never paid attention to it. Then Dad got mad. Now I made myself a cute little reminder so I will not forget to fill the tank!

Summertime toes

My new shirt. Speak out!  (For what's right, of course). Lucy is never afraid to be heard. 

New Bible study journal has rejoice on it!

I didn't want to have a boring Algebra folder. 

K for Kenzie in my junior year locker

This bookmark is based off of a sermon my pastor did back during the summer.  On the back, I wrote a verse to go with each thing we are called to do:
"...Freely you have received; freely give." Matthew 10:8
"...in complete earnestness and in love...see that you also excel in this grace of giving." 
2 Corinthians 8:7
"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To Him be glory both now and forever!  Amen." 2 Peter 3:18
"He said to them, ''Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.'"  Mark 16:15

Me!  Headed to school

This is a magnet on my dry erase board

Stuffed animals all lined up on display

Farm animal folder!  Farm animals are just too cute. 
I also hang pictures on my walls to go with the seasons. I always keep the drawings that I make over the years so I can reuse them. 

Here are two of my build-a-bears in their Halloween costumes!  They even glow in the dark.
More Halloween decoration above my bed

Since fall has rolled around, I brought back the Trick-or-Treat Tervis

I also redecorated my tumbler to use on some days too

Backpack also featuring Halloween

My new shirt from winning a race at Panther Creek, along with my Philippians 4:13 dog tag necklace
State championship ring from last season and bracelet from Furman camp
Time is an issue as of late...I feel like my brain is always producing the facial expression on this M&M character!  The batteries in this watch are actually dead, but I still wear it when it matches.

I have to show off that I love ice cream, as if no one knows already..
I am also now known for my socks!  I have so many, and people just keep giving me more!  It's one of my most popular received gifts!  By now, I have almost enough Halloween socks to make it through all of October..

I thought this folder was so cute, too!

This was on the cover of a card at Target, but I saved a picture of if because it made me giggle. I fit all 4 categories. 

Here you can see a corner of my room that changed from a previous picture. A scarecrow was added and animals dressed up!

I love color coordination, and everyone else that sees me often knows it, too!  I also love the color purple. 
Here is another thing that has had a slight change since the first time I photographed it.  A week or so ago I added a Snoopy sticker to my Algebra folder!