Thursday, April 2, 2015

Vietnam Veterans

This past Sunday, March 29th, Pastor Dean announced that he would like to especially recognize all those in our service who had served in any way in the Vietnam War because it was Vietnam Veterans Day.  This was a new holiday to me, but it brought to mind two amazing men who are very dear to my heart!  I want to give them each a special thank you for being so brave then, as well as being so loving and caring men now.
This is my uncle Chum!  Yes, I am sitting on his lap acting like a little child sitting on Santa Claus.  We joke about that all the time.  This was a couple Christmases ago when we went to their house in Richmond, VA to visit.  He is my dad's sister's husband, and the two of them come to visit every few months, and we head up there every few years.  We keep in touch through text and Facebook, but I can't tell you how excited I get when we get to see them in person!
The laughs they bring our family are too good to the soul to describe.
He is one of the goofiest men I know; like a kid stuck in an old man's body.
I am so thankful even for the memories from before I can remember, like the times when just a few words out of his mouth would send me sound to sleep within seconds as he held me as a "little squirt." 
I'm still squirt.

These are my neighbors, Don and Gail.  They take such good care of our family for anything we need!  Through the years we've shared cookouts, fireworks, yardsales, gifts, newspapers, stories, laughs, emergencies, late-night-neighborhood-scares, and even ganged up on some people.  Whenever one of our families goes on vacation, the other is always in charge of the other's house and pets, too!
A lot of people live next to members of their family, but I live next to Don and Gail, and that's close enough.