Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Current Goal Verses / New Decorations

About a month ago, I decided that it was no longer the time of year to use my Snoopy wrapping paper bookmarks, Christmas picture binder covers, or have my board decorated with snowmen, so I chose some verses that have meant a lot to me lately to take over those places. 
We are all good at different things!  God did that for a reason.  Take care of what He has gifted you with.  It is meant to be treasured and used to give back to and glorify Him more.

What should I do?  This is a question we all likely ask ourselves too many times a day to even count.  It can be so hard to know what to do when life is full of so many options.  However, if you want to do good, beneficial things, it is simple.  Just do good, loving, unselfish, serving things.  That will benefit more than you, but also God and those around you.  In the end, it's so worth it.  God will give a reward of peace and joy that can't be gained by anything the world may give.

How great has my life been so far!?  I am so thankful.  This is further motivation to continue and strengthen our relationship.

So much to little time!  By taking care to possess and express these qualities, we will not be unproductive.  That's the great thing about Christ.  Serving and loving Him is never a waste of time.

Live up to what God has called me to!  Don't waste my time!  I only have a few months of living here at home (something that has really stood out to me lately), and I want our family to have the best time!

This speaks to the many little projects that I start but have yet to finish.  When God calls me to do something, I need to carry it out!  He has given me the ability to run well, so I must continue to give my all to make the most of my high school career, into college, and maybe beyond.  This is where I have a majority of the opportunities to witness.  However, success in running isn't necessarily winning.  In God's perspective, success is doing my best with the abilities He has given me, working to serve Him and others through that.

I like to keep random little things that look cool, taste good, or are inspiring, so I decorated my binder with some of them!
 These combine quotes, goats, running, animals, Life is Good, seasonal snacks, stickers, comics, Bible verses, and general positivity!

All of these things I have placed in my life where I see them daily as reminders of changes and continuations to make in my life.  There is so much I could do, but there is not time to do everything.  I have found that to keep myself from getting stressed or worried that I am wasting time, following God's Word is the best way.  All that is done for Him is never a waste.  As long as He knows your heart, nothing else matters.