Saturday, June 28, 2014

Best Run with the Best Friend

It has been years and years, but I can now safely say that I have a best friend.
This is Katlyn Haas!
She has been one of my good friends since we met in kindergarten, but during the past year, we have gotten really close.  She has been a training partner for my running and spiritual life!  Everywhere she goes, she will light up the room.  I respect and admire her attitude about life and how everything seems to just flow for her.  God has blessed her with the ability to go with the flow and be healthy and beautiful!  Over the past year, her running has improved tremendously!  I am very proud of her.  She is really goofy, and can always keep the team laughing even in not-so-fun circumstances.  She is always here for me and the other girls to talk to and pray for.  I know she is always willing to hear when I am stressed out, and we can talk through what God is doing in our lives with no awkwardness.  She is such a blessing in my life!
This morning, I got to cross another thing off of my summer bucket list:  a run to the Creek CafĂ©!  I was really excited to get to do a new breakfast run.  I do them with myself to breakfast at my house every day when I get home from practice, but there is just a special excitement that comes with doing it with a friend!  We left my house a little before 9:30 and headed toward Jefferson City.  On the way, we chatted up a storm!  Literally:  it rained for about 1 minute, but that's all.  We had so much fun and felt fantastic!  This was her longest run this summer, and it was really encouraging to both of us to get such a great run under our belts.  It went by so quickly, too, it did not seem like a distance run at all!  Once we got there, we ordered some food, prayed for the beautiful (kinda) day and our families, then ate and talked while we waited on my mom to come pick us up.  I am so thankful for this day!  We had a blast!  This is one of the reasons that I love summer!