Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend #1

Finally lake time!  I've never had a summer that we weren't out to the lake by mid-May (at least that I can remember).  We were just so busy, and the weather not quite right for a long lake summer.  Cherokee is having a rough time filling up.  Finally though, on the first weekend of June, we put the boat in!  I have grown up on the lake, and every year I end up meeting more and more people.  Two of the girls at the top (Magan on the far left and Erika next to her) have been some of my life's longest friends.  We have spent most summer weekends and much more when we were younger together!  Sadly, Erika just graduated, so I won't get to go to school with her anymore!
One of the most faithful, inspiring women I know, Chanda Parker, is getting married!  She is so beautiful, and so many girls look up to her and her joyful spirit.  I also admire how she can make people smile and laugh so easily.  She even happened to be my leader at my first year of
Motown Madness and my middle school basketball coach for a year.  It has been a blessing to know her and now see her getting married!  This couple is a great example of a godly relationship, and we all love seeing how happy they are.
That Sunday, a couple of the girls' Sunday School classes got together in the youth building café to throw her a bridal shower, complete with finger foods, punch, gifts, and pictures!