Friday, January 9, 2015

First Baptist Festivities

I am so thankful to have this church that provides so many ways to celebrate the holidays by having fun while still keeping "the main thing the main thing."
Here's a couple pictures of me with my co-servers of Latte Moon!
This year we added aprons and buttons, which I thought were really cute.
One Wednesday night, we all made cookies and Christmas cards to give out to people to share the true love of Christmas!  We had so much fun, and you can check out some more of it on instagram by searching the hashtag #EquipCookies
Above are the 4 that I made.
This is crazy Rob, our youth pastor!
He is all about serving and taking/posting awesome pictures.
My friend Tessa took this picture to capture the variety of cards created by the girls at my table.
These are the people I gave my #EquipCookies to!  Up in the right top corner, I promise I didn't give it to the dog.  I gave it to the dog's owner, my neighbor!
Peanuts always has a way to work some Christian ideas into almost everything it does, especially in Christmas themes.  Pastor Dean also found a way to work Peanuts into his sermon.  How cute!  Poor Chuck, though...getting yelled at by Lucy once again.
FBCMTN has done the Living Christmas Tree as many years as I have been alive! 
They it one weekend before Christmas, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The lights and music are amazing, and it is great to hear so many songs of the season along with the Christmas Story.

Pastor Dean opens and closes and shares his love.
Baby Jesus, Joseph, and Mary
Mom and Dad got some extra tickets so I could take a couple friends.  These girls are Megan and Rachel!  After watching the tree, we went to TCBY to have a holiday treat.  Even though it may be cold outside, we all agree that it is always a good time for frozen yogurt.