Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gingerbread Party and More Holiday Stuff

Today I have an opportunity to catch up!  It has snowed all week, so I've had no school. I've been flying by the seat if my pants with all my plans, which is unusual for me. I've been enjoying it though. I am trying to learn to better work with what God gives me!
Right now I am biking since he roads are clear from home to the gym I'm town. 

Back before Christmas, my friends in the neighborhood invited our crew over to make gingerbread houses and play gMes to have some childlike fun!
This was mine!  The teddy bear home owners have a pet elephant. 

The neighborhood got all lined up. 

In the process

Gotta make it snapchat official. Thanks to Connie, the twins' mom, they posted action shots. 

Before we ate and created our houses, we played Just Dance!

Megan and Maggie

All our houses up close

Up top right you can see Lyle cooking our dinner and the big spread across the table!

This is a drawing I made in middle school that we still use as decoration in the kitchen. 

Christmas tree necklace was a gift from Chantal and Cherie last year

The sign on my bedroom door, because I love to make cards, crafts, and wrap presents
The kid puts lights in his fro


This CD played in my Jeep all season!

I got to go back one night to my old elementary school and work concessions with my Sunday school teacher during a basketball game. I can't believe how little they look out there, yet when that wS me, I felt so big.  

Alpha was festive!

Homemade apple crisp (recipe by Spartan) that I took to church for a party. 

So simple, sweet, and satisfying. 

Pumpkin pie spice bliss balls were new this Christmas, too!

They were wonderful just plain and warmed up. 

As well as with a plop of vanilla icecream!

While mom and dad were gone to a party, I enjoyed an evening of Christmas movies, cooking, and gift wrapping

Snoopy wrapping paper was all I used this year!  I like to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas while I wrap, too. They match. 

I got a ninja for Christmas and I have been using that thing like crazy!  This is some eggnog ice cream that I made!  

We have this little cafe at the mall, which I never go to, but we had a couple sales to hit up and some fails to take back. I have added this place to my bucket list so I can try some of these flavors in my coffee and a milkshake one day!  They also have some of my favorite white chicken chili!

Christmas present coffee with some extra flavor added in. It's like Elf:  maple syrup makes everything better!

Those are just a few more things that I look forward to at the holidays. Christmas makes a heart happy!