Friday, June 5, 2015

(Outdoor) Track is in Session

This track season, I must say, was more successful for our team than last year!  We had so much dedication and opportunities to get together and have a lot of fun!  Here's some highlights as we got things started this season.
After our first meet, which was a Tuesday home meet, we did a fun run the next day for practice, ending at TCBY!  A great big thanks to Mrs. Bowen for the idea and helping us work everything out so we could do this!  I can't wait for another opportunity to do a destination run with my gang again this summer!

Here we are during our first Saturday meet!  These were the girls on the two 4x800 teams we had.  As you can see, we like to do a "good" picture and a "goofy" one.

For a week or so, this was the side banner on the Tennessee Milesplit website, advertising one of the biggest meets around here, the Tri-Cities Track Classic at Science Hill, aka my favorite track!  I was so excited to see myself on there because that was a total surprise!  Adam, of course, was the boy they chose, because he dominates almost eveything around here.
Yet another picture with two versions.  We are the distance crew, and this is what we do. 
**Photo credits on all 3 of these:  GBo.

The start of track season is kinda rough, because it never really gets warm until the very end!  And I am not a cold weather person at all!  I tried to make the most of these practices by having fun with my outfit.  Color coorination is my thing.  I was also super excited to wear this hat!