Friday, June 5, 2015

Ski Days

It's still ski season...somewhere!  ABasin is still open, I know that.  They're still getting snow out in Colorado and places like that.
Skiing is mine and my dad's thing.  I've never been skiing with anyone accept him.  Mom used to go, but now it's just the two of us!  We have a blast and tell mom what she's missing.  Mom and I spend an extra week at the beach; Dad and I spend a week in Colorado.  I reap the benefits of both!  Even though I am so cold natured, snow skiing is a different story.
There is the cute little store in Maggie Valley that I've always wanted to go in, and Dad took me in a few afternoons this year!  What first drew me to Jelly Bellies was the sign for Blue Bell Ice Cream, but once I got in, there was way more than that!  It was a great place to shop!   It made me feel like I was on vacation.  I got some rocky road fudge, Heath Toffee fudge, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, and chocolate almond toffetts, all homemade.
I contemplated buying these mints just because they made me laugh.
If it did, I would be killing two birds with one stone quite often.
My ice cream and a new notepad for jotting down "utterly important" notes.
All bundled up and ready to go!
While we were out for those couple weeks of snow, Dad and I got up extra early to get in the best skiing conditions.  The Cataloochee Ranch up top made for a pretty picture.
Even driving through Morristown had some great scenery.
This ended up being my lock screen photo on my iPhone for a couple months!  It's great to get to ski in some real snow.

 Sitting inside at dinnertime is always fun, I'm not sure why.  I think it is just the change of scenery and opportunity to hang out in the lodge and warm up by the fire!
My mom got the opportunity to show some of the classes at her school some ski gear and tell them about this great winter sport!  This is Gretchen showing off my skis, boots, and helmet for her class!  Her mom, Julia, works at Manley with my mom and is very involved with our church, too!  I just love this precious family!