Monday, June 1, 2015

Saved by Snow Days


This winter was a dud...until mid January.  After a drought, when it finally rains, it pours, right?  Or when it snows it's a blizzard, in this case. 
We were out of school for over two weeks.  You have no idea how happy that made me (and my mom).  We were in desperate need of a break from school.  Dad even got several days off from work, too!  It was like Christmas break all over again, but better!
The extra time off gave me the chance to relax a little bit, sleep extra, cook, get creative, be a bit spontaneous, and learn lots of lessons!  God really got me motivated about things. For example, I shared some stuff that I had learned and that was on my heart, if you want to go back and check it out.
I also looked up some Bible verses as I was in awe of this amazing and beautiful snow that God sent us.  Our weather is so unpredictable and things like this have been coming so unexpectedly lately, and I say it is God showing us that we are not in control and we "do not know what will happen tomorrow (James 4:14)" 
"He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes."  Psalm 147:16
"God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding.  He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth,' that all men He has made may know His work.."  Job 37:5-7
This is what I loved most about this snow season.
I laughed when I saw this picture on instagram and shared it with a couple friends, because that's basically what we do, especially when we are out of school.

Exhibit A.

I wanted to make these look especially pretty.  Kodiak Cakes also has a pretty box for their pancake and waffle mix.  The m&m guy, well, he's not pretty, but he tastes good.
My snowman looked a little deformed, but I did my best!  Redi Whip is tough to shape!
I was inspired by the pancakes I made almost this exact time the year before on a snow day, pumpkin-flavored and snowflake-shaped!
Here are a few more concoctions from the blizzard break:  almond coconut, strawberry banana, and I honestly don't remember what those last ones are...kinda looks like chocolate or blueberries!  What I was more concerned about in that picture was all the Peanuts stuff.  I was eating on my snowy Snoopy plate, drinking from my snowy Snoopy Christmas mug, and got to finally use my Snoopy Snow day coloring book that Chantal and Cherie had given me!
 No, this is not a pancake.  I can cook other things besides breakfast!  This was a new dinner I made with lots of vegetables, an apple, eggs, and chicken stir fry.  Coconut oil is my favorite kind to use when anything has to use oil!

After a while, we just expected school to be cancelled indefinitely.  Some people went out and started doing crazy things!  One day that was relatively warm and sunny, some teachers had gone into school to get some things done, and some of West High's administration made a little video for us to have some fun with yet another school closing announcement.

That tree belongs in Whoville.

I was really focused on being creative and living these snow days to the fullest!  Just going with what God gave me each day because we may never get another snow like this in my school years!  I wrote this silly little poem and took it around to some of my neighbors when I went for an afternoon fun run.

I had to get some classic ice sickle snapshots. 

Out TV's cable box upstairs got all messed up when the power went out, so we moved our dinner spot downstairs for a few nights.  It was actually pretty fun to mix things up!  One night our power went out, and I woke up to the house about 50 hands and feet started to go numb..yikes!

When it gets too frigid outside, Mom caves and lets her favorite family member come inside. 
She's queen.
She also took over my bed 24/7.  If I wasn't in it, and as soon as I was back in it at night, there she would come and walk all over me to find a comfy spot. 
(Left-when I wasn't in it.  Right-before bed)
(Left-in the morning.  See, she had every part of the day covered.)
After a few days, she even started bonding with Dad!  He's always been more of a dog person, and Sophie has never really been drawn to him either, but I guess she realized that Dad is a good seat cushion, too! 

My bed is her bed.  I just wish that I could sleep half as much as she does.
However, my food is not her food!  I know it smells good, but once she took a bite, she probably wouldn't like beef, beans, corn, veggies, and hot sauces and spices!  She does her best to get into our food every chance she gets.

I went for a few runs when the temperatures hit their "highs" for the day.  It was just so pretty, I had to get out there!  Running in the snow isn't too hard if you watch where you step.  The soft stuff may be a little slower, but it's not slick!  The same old route seems totally different with a weather and scenery change.
I had been saving all my color coordinating neon socks, hat, shirt, and tights (stripes), for snow, and I finally got to use it!  The neon compared to the white literally glowed!
We tried to have track practice a couple worked out pretty well other than the fact that there was no sun to give any warm so we all froze to (not quite) death.  The next time was sunny, but the snow was so deep, we could hardly run or even see the track at all!  It was a fun experience, though, and I'm glad we got out there!  In the end, it's really all about making "..the most of every opportunity..(Colossians 4:5)"