Monday, July 20, 2015

The Mighty Mash

I like to eat out of bowls. 

Why?  Well, there are many advantages to eating out of a bowl!  Since it has slanted sides, you don't have to worry so much about it falling off of your plate. You can mix things up. It is easier to pick up the food with your spoon/fork. It keeps warm food warmer for longer. Bowls come in more shapes and sizes than plates, so you can fit more in it. And who ever ate ice cream off a plate with success?

To my friends and family, I have become well-known for my crazy concoctions in bowls, but I just love being creative with my food and experimenting with how different flavors go together. Now nothing too crazy--I wouldn't try like chocolate and chicken or barbeque blueberries, but you get what I mean;  flavor coordination. 

I've gone back through my pictures and found almost all my bowls I've taken pictures of so maybe you can get some ideas!  Or just entertainment. 
Simple:  banana, protein powder, milk
Blueberry muffin, milk, blueberries. Warmed
Pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, spices, chopped carrots, honey, banana, egg whites

Almond butter, banana, egg whites, oatmeal, quinoa

Egg whites, protein powder, blueberries, strawberries

Microwaved eggs are just awesome. The fluff is real. 

Used my ninja to blend pistachios, milk cubes, pistachio pudding, and frozen banana for this powerful dessert
Almond butter, banana, quinoa
S'mores is one of my favorites!  Great additions are:  vanilla or boston cream pie yogurt, marshmallows, graham crackers, s'mores luna bars, brownies, dark chocolate, white chocolate macadamia TCBY, milk
Protein breakfast:  dark chocolate Special K protein shake, toasted coconut almonds, coconut flakes, coconut extract, cream of wheat
A variation of the previous:  vanilla instead of chocolate:  toasted coconut almonds, coconut extract, coconut flakes, almond coconut blend milk, vanilla extract, cream of wheat
One of my all-time favorite flavor combinations:  dark chocolate coconut
Honey and apple pie!
Simple dark chocolate and vanilla 
frozen yogurt, greek yogurt, protein bar, cereal:  the basic components of a rockin dessert.
Healthy banana pudding:  bananas, cereal, banana yogurt, milk
Apple cobbler:  apples, spices, apple pie yogurt, granola, cereal
Pumpkin, seeds, spices, cream of wheat is a great fall season breakfast
This is my homemade ice cream/yogurt stuff that has a description in another post
Apple and almond butter quinoa
Cocoa, banana, almond butter quinoa:  perfect post-workout
This was one of my more recent ones!  It was definitely a winner! 
Along with the things you can see in the picture is pumpkin, milk, spices, and apple.
At the beach, the hotel rooms did not have bowls big enough for my desserts, so I used the ice bucket.  Work with what you're given.
This one is pumpkin, spices, egg white, granola, protein powder
Spaghetti with more than the usual trimmings is how we do it at the Jones residence.
From the dining hall at Furman:  sweet potato, cinnamon, greek yogurt, vanilla soft serve, granola, and my own cookies added in
Another FUDH:  banana pudding with strawberry frozen yogurt
The final dessert from Furman camp this year:  greek yogurt, chocolate frozen yogurt, protein bars
Some others that I don't have a picture of but I can think of right now are
dark chocolate peppermint:  Yorks, mint chocolate luna bars, mint chocolate yogurt and frozen yogurt, milk
caramel banana yoplait yogurt, blended milk and frozen banana, caramel apple granola
cocoa coffee simply bars, cafe latte yogurt, milk, cereal, dark chocolate espresso beans, cookies, etc
honey yogurt, oatmeal raisin cookies or bars, corresponding cereal, spices, dried fruit
carrot cake luna or clif bars, honey yogurt and frozen yogurt, milk, carrots, dried fruit, granola, cereal
butterscotch pudding, Resee's pieces, peanut butter puffins or cheerios or Resee's puffs, peanut butter chocolate protein bar, chocolate frozen yogurt, milk, etc
**Another all-time favorite:  CARAMEL yogurt, frozen yogurt, chex popped sweet and salty, simply bars, dulce de leche cheerios, milk, caramel popcorn, butterscotch pudding...the list goes on
white chocolate macadamia luna bars and same flavor pudding, vanilla yogurt, milk, vanilla almond cereal
sausage, cabbage, mustard, seasonings, eggs, onion, peppers
corn, beans, bbq chicken, onion, salsa
These are just a sample, but I mix all kinds of things together for all 3 meals!  I think it just makes them better together than on their own.  That's why I call it the mighty mash.