Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Feed

 There is an awesome website that I occasionally use to order foods that I can't find in stores around here because I just love trying new things!  It's called The Feed, based out of Boulder, Colorado.  They specialize in foods and products for athletes, selling top-quality stuff!  Here's a sampling of what I've tried so far.
They also send stickers and info booklets in the boxes!  Their website and blog also gives tons of training and living information and advice, along with the help of some of the world's top athletes in various sports.
Have you ever heard of muesli?  Yeah, neither had I.  It's basically oatmeal, but not oatmeal.  This was an awesome lunch for those tough/long training and running days!  This bircher flavor has dates, pumpkin seeds, coconut, apples, raisins, flaxseeds, spices, almonds, and sunflower seeds in with it.
All these bars are really good, but the Chia Bars were different from any other kind I have tried!  They have a very different texture and are very chewy from the chia seeds, but they were great!  The Nude Food Coconut Mocha was very dense and rich, the Maple Almond Breeze Bar cruchy, the earnest eats double choco espresso made for a great pre-workout, and the Clif Kid Iced Oatmeal Cookie just like a dessert cookie, but in my opinion, better.  I found them at the new Walmart and bought a whole box.
These are the bomb.  They may seem weird, but they are so tasty and convienient.  Oatmeal-on-the-go is way better than it sounds.  These pouches don't make a mess, don't have to be refridgerated, and beat any oatmeal you would make.  It's creamy and fruity, with various grains to give it any extra boost.  The package is also really cute, and the Munk Pack logo is a squirrel.  That has nothing to do with its nutritional value, but I always consider looks.
This was my most recent order that came just a couple weeks ago!  Since the tour de France is going on, they did a special promotion that included a free Skratch Labs and Camelbak hydration kit with any order, no minimum purchase!  Hurry before it ends, and you can get one, too.  I bought the smooth caffenatior Picky Bar, which features real-world people on the wrappers, chosen by creators Lauren Fleshman and a couple other pros.  The sunberry butter is really different, but that's why I wanted to try it!  It is the same idea as peanut butter or almond butter, just not nuts.  Instead it contains sunflower seeds and various dried fruits to make it a bit salty yet sweet.  It pairs great with apples, bananas, and/or oatmeal.
You can do like me and buy what you want when you want or personalize a box that is mailed to you monthly.  They can help you customize nutrition especially for your wants and needs.  There is even an option to make boxes for your whole office or workplace or team!  You can also make your search easier by narrowing down categories such as time of day, meal, snack, supplement, protein, bars, drinks, mixes, sport, brand, and diet.
 Even if you don't buy anything online, this site can give you great ideas for things you can do on your own to make yourself a better and healthier athlete!