Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bible Study Bonfire

My Sunday School class/small group has been doing a Bible Study this fall on The Purpose Driven Life.  It is such an encouraging way to work through life's challenges and the simple day-to-day activities with a focus on God's plan for our lives.  It has changed my heart and filled me with motivation!
Here is a little collage from the night that we did a bon fire at Patty's house.  In the background are some words associated with main ideas in the book.

We started out the night roasting marhmallows and making smores!  I tried one with an Andes Mint, and it was a success!

I just love having these girls here to talk to!  We are a hodgepodge group from all different places and lives, but we can relate to each other on so many levels.
Each time I jump into the book to read, I have to have a notebook, pens, and my Bible right there, too, becuase there is so much to plant into my mind and heart!  I constantly am finding sayings and verses that go directly with my life situations, and I don't want to miss a thing!  There are many of these "divine appointments" that God sends into our lives that I will share more about later!


It is called a "40 day journey," but with our lives and schedules along with the desire to really dig deep and discuss and grow, we are taking as long as we need to work through it!