Thursday, August 13, 2015

Can a Tennessee Girl Roll Tide?


More than anything else, people ask me where I'm going to college. My response is always the same. I. Don't. Know. This used to really stress me out and even make me mad because people were so pressuring, not that they knew that. They're excited that in a senior, and assume I have all this together. Hah!  I do not have it all together. But now things are starting to fall into place. 

I've narrowed down my top 4 college choices and have official visits scheduled in the fall. Now at least I can tell people that much!  Exploring all my college options isn't stressful anymore, but more fun and exciting!  Toward the end of July, we went to Tuscaloosa to have an unofficial visit and tour with one of the coaches. I had a blast getting to see the athletic facilities and drive through campus of one of the best colleges in the nation. 
After I found Dickey's BBQ Pit at the beach this year to be totally amazing, I'd been wanting to go to the one in Turkey Creek.  It was Mom's idea to stop here for dinner on our way to Alabama that night!  I had no idea where we may be driving through, but Mom was already on it, finding a place that made my day.
Sunset along the Tennessee River
Driving past downtown Chattanooga was full of lights.
Holiday Inn Express is one of my favorite places to stay.  With so much travel with cross country, we have become accustomed to Holiday Inn and Hampton.  This room key was also inspirational!  I was missing a morning of cross country practice, but I biked in the workout room at the hotel before breakfast and heading to campus.
Where the basketball gym, some athletic centers, training rooms, locker rooms, and offices are located
The main weight room is amazing.  This place is huge:  two stories!

The weight room has its own refueling center.  This cooler section is full of protein shakes, milks, yogurts, and more.  The counter has trail mix, protein bars, granola, fruit, adn more, too!
The Alabama A
Above the entrance to the weight room, where the team goes at least twice a week
Outside the entrance doors to the WR
Located in Coleman Coliseum, the track and cross country teams have some fancy locker rooms!
The campus at Alabama is beautiful!  They are also in the process of adding a huge chunk to it.  There is tons of grass, trees, and space to do all kinds of things.  It is very spread out, so you would have to like to walk, ride your bike, or drive back and forth.  There are rec fields out the wazoo for those who want to get out and play, and there is also a really nice pool with a slide and lazy river!  Places to eat and shop are located all over campus, so you're sure to find something you like.  If not, the town is also full of some great restaurants and stores!  New, updated dorms and other projects are always in the works to keep UA top-notch.  There is also a specific cafeteria for the athletes, the training table, but nonathletes can dine there, as well.  I was super impressed with campus and think that I would really enjoy going to school there!
This was in where I would consider kind of the center of things, outside where the Starbucks, SupeStore, several eating venues (Chick-fil-a, Subway, Wendy's, and more), student services, etc buildings are.
This is not your normal vending machine!  It's full of all kinds of supplies you might need throughout your day or for class.  Examples:  TI calculators, pencils, pens, sticky notes, tape,
highlighters, etc
This phone case in the supestore was pretty trendy.  They also had designs, Lily Pulitzer, and Alabama cases for any style!
One of my favorite parts of travel:  restaurants and shopping.  After leaving UA, we hit the Moe's down the street!  I know I've said that Salsarita's is my favorite, but Moe's gets a leg up on them by the salsa bar.  I can get as much of whatever kinds I want! 
There is also a Super Target, and Mom and I can't pass up that shopping opportunity.  Target is my favorite place to shop sales, sports, electronics, food, and Christmas!  That is actually where I ended up getting my dessert from the day.  Before checking out, I went to the fridge/freezer section and picked out a yogurt and a couple gelato pints to have for the ride back home!
After going on my first athletic tour of a college, I am really looking forward to taking official visits in the fall!  When I tell people around here that I am considering Alabama, they always pick on me because Tennessee and Alabama are such rivals, but I don't let it get to me anymore.  I'm going where God leads me, even if I am a "traitor" to my home-state Volunteers!  At UA, such top academic and athletic school, I know I would be taken care of.