Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Reading, Kenzie Style

I used to read books a lot during the summer, but this year I've done more reading things online and doing random little research things, especially looking at colleges. One paper material that I have still kept reading all summer is the comics. Sometimes they relate to my life so well that I think I have a stalker writing comics about me. I don't usually like the long story ones with so many words, but the truthful and funny ones are my favorite. Here are some that I've saved!
I know that it is a true blessing from the Lord when I have those days that I can't put into words.  All I can do is say thank you to Him.
Dancing really does naturally make you feel in a better mood

Parents end up doing the majority of all their kids' fundraising.
My parents always tell me that they don't see how I even taste what I'm eating or how I still have taste buds left
This is how we all felt about AP History this year.

Between my dad and me, we probably produce enough methane to cover our electricity for the house.
Whenever we ask Dad where we/he are/is, his response is usually "I'm right here."

Grapes?  Ice cream?  Me too.
My uncle gets the same thing, except he looks just like Santa.

Appreciate your mother.
Even when things may not seem so great, think of how awful they could be!  That will hopefully improve your mood at least some.
Frank & Ernest are the kings of puns.
We also have this problem of running into permanent objects in my house.  Mostly mom, but Dad hits his head on everything, too.
Mom and Dad would say this is me.
And I would say that this is them. 
They say that they'll be glad when they don't have my messes to clean up after anymore, but they know they'll miss me.
Dad claims, "I'm just resting my eyes," as he falls asleep within minutes of sitting down on the couch at any hour of the day.
And Howie Mendell.
Eating better is usually somehow thrown into everyone's goals, especially those who are athletes.  I'm always finding new foods and fuels, and new food ideas.  That's something we all can always improve on.
Another goal of mine lately is to let go of extra things in my life that have been holding me back, distracing me, or just taking up space!  I've got to organzie, declutter, and focus!  This is the prime of my life, and I want to "make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16)

Praying yourself to sleep is the best way to end the day (bottom right).
My feelings about weather of the best flavors/smells to exist...and taste