Sunday, August 16, 2015

What About the Waffles?

I can't believe that I forgot this...
At the very beginning of summer, I got the sudden urge to get a waffle iron after I saw a cute idea on instagram.  Mom and I bought one at walmart, and I had some friends over, but I never shared it!

Luckily, Mom didn't get home until we were finished cooking, because she would've died seeing all the ingreedients we had out on the counter!  I can't remember them all, but here are the ones we chose from:  pumpkin, cinnamon chips, chocolate chips, Resee's Pieces, peanut butter, oreos, caramel chips, candy cane Hershey kissees, marshmallows, sprinkles, cocoa, Yorks, white chocolate chips, see where I'm going.
This pucture does not do Katlyn's waffle mix a bit of justice. You should've seen all the ingreedients she threw in there. I'm surprised that it even cooked!

We call poor Katlyn a walking struggle. Here is just one small example of her typical self. But the beautiful thing is, she is such a happy, positive person!  We make great best friends; she keeps me loose, and I keep her from losing things. 

Mine was Resee's Pieces, marshmallows, banana, and chocolate syrup!
This is the prettiest waffle I have ever made.
As usual with food at my picture with food in our mouths...
and one without!
Frisco always has to join the party.
Like the slogan Megan made up for us?
This spontaneous decision to have a little brunch party was a great way to start off my summer with lots of laughs and fun story telling and talks about whatever may come up.  It's a blessing to have friends like mine!