Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Caught up on Comics-Summer's End through Halloween


Over fall break I finally read through all the comics that I'd stacked up over the past couple months!  These were some of my favorites, so if you don't like them all, here is the "improved" comic section.
These are from the end of summer through around Halloween.
With Coach Farmer in mind.
Fall flavors:  pumpkin...maple...peppermint not far behind
Some puns from Frank and Ernest
And a true statement.  Commercials are ridiculous.  Even if you do find a decent show, you'll probably still get caught by an inappropriate commercial.
Cats are stubborn creatures.
I leave hangers all over my parts of the house, piled up til I can't hang any more or until mom runs out of hangers for the clean clothes.
Ice cream is good.  Just look at my other posts, social media, or freezer.  Sometimes, though, even I can eat too much.  I've learned my lesson a couple times! 
My mom Googles literally everything we bring to question at home.  We even make a joke about it now.  She also loves cheese.
And I love waffles.
Common scenario of humans:  we want something, but always search for a way to get someone else to do the work for us.
The pizza for mom, pumpkin spice [coffee] for me.
This far left comment by Hammie literally cracked me up.
cute snippets
A complement that I'll give to my mom
Exactly!  No holding back!  Enjoy this life while you've got it!  That's my goal right now.  Make the most of every opportunity that God has given me!  Whether it's doing something big, like going to a national race, or something small like "putting unwashed blueberries on your oatmeal," do what makes you and the Lord happy.  You'll be glad you did.
Another reference to wanting something, but not willing to work for it.
Mutts has some of the cutest, simplest comics.
They really make me smile!
pumpkins:  common
street smarts:  no-so-common
Short.  Sweet.  To the point...and very good advice!
Sad thought...yes, we love our big new things.  Even Morristown is getting tons of new shopping and eating!  But remember how much enjoyment comes from things that exist on their own. 
I'll let Toby Mac take this one:
"If we gotta start somewhere, why not here?
If we gotta start sometime why not now?"
Natalie Grant:
"Calling all hearts, Calling all hands
Calling all feet to take a stand
Why sit around and wait for a miracle to come
When we can be one, When we can be one , When we can be one"

"We could be that shining light
To show the heart of Christmas time
People need love
And we all are able
So take some time and start today
To give some joy and hope away
'Cause you might be
You might be
Somebody's angel"

Embrace the daily challenges.
Beware of impulse buys!  It happens in stores, too, especially with all the cute, seasonal, limited edition items for Christmas.  But do you really need it?  I have to ask myself that so often!  Christmas shopping is my weakness.
1) That's me with a bad singing voice.
2) That's about 95% or more of America with a bad attitude.
Another one for Coach Farmer. 
This is how my evenings go when I'm stressing over school.  Even when it's not school, I'm always multitasking.  Luckily this year is so much easier, but this is exactly how I was the past couple years!
When I set my mind on something, good luck trying to change it.  Even I have a hard time changing my own mind!  When I start something, I want to finish it!
Why yes, I like these things, too!  (Not cherry.  Ew.)
"...certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth."  1 Timothy 4:3
Whether it's a homecooked meal, sit-down restaurant, fast food, from a box at home, healthy, indulgent, meat, veggies, dessert--whatever it is--God provided the ingredients to go into it.  Be thankful for the food that you have!  Eat it with good intentions and appreciation; enjoy it.
My house would understand this one.  Sometimes it smells.
A final food for thought, actually kinda including food.  Want, want, want.  That's what we do.  We even want from things that obviously can't satisfy those desires.  When Christmas comes, we all think of wish lists and receiving presents, but there is so much more to enjoy than getting stuff.  I'm talking to myself, too, but let's remember to relax and enjoy the simple things during this season, too.