Wednesday, December 30, 2015


So something went wrong with the last time I posted this, so I'm redoing it; hopefully this time it will stay.
Since I'm getting ready to go to college in a few months, and Mom and Dad are getting ready to build and move into a new house, it's time I get rid of some stuff.  A lot of it is just going in the trash or getting donated, but here are some things that are in new or just good shape that some of you all find useful.  To help me out considering I don't have any source of income, I am going to try to sell this stuff, but for dirt cheap.  Literally.  Like I mean a dollar or less.  Something is better than nothing!  Rest assured that I am also very stingy with my spending.  Just ask my mother.
ACT and SAT practice books
*The red book has been sold!
Dress kapris and jeans from Kohl's
Aeropostale capris, denim shorts
brand new Adidas track spikes
cute brown flip flops also
Nike, Under Armour basketball shorts
Some nice tshirts
Small West High XC t shirt and a large Belize shirt
adidas warm up pants and sorts, both with pockets
To keep you hydrated, warm and cold
barely ever used
Limited Edition Birthday Cake Blizzard Bear from Build-a-Bear
Ellie Holcomb and Lydia Walker CDs
Nike gloves and socks (too big for me, so don't worry; they don't smell)
large Justice suitcase and a pool bag
various Vera Bradley

3/4 length sleeve dress tops from Kohl's
neon and yellow striped tank top
sweater dress and belt
4 pairs of plaid Aeropostale shorts
Aeropostale jacket and American Eage shirt

iPod carrier and strap
Fanny pack
This has some really useful things for different computer programs that are so simple, but you probably just don't know about them yet!
AP study books with practice tests and tons of information
Running Wild water bottle
Lydia Walker CD
I know these say $1 but I'm going to go for less. Great devotion books for young people, and a more mature one on the bottom left (My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers)

Several of these books were required readings for school.  Some haven't even been read, so are brand new!
Books on Disney movies

Chicken Soup for your soul

One of my favorite sports authors for young people!
More Cd's: Miley Cyrus is a double with Hannah Montana on the flip side (2 CDs in one)
Hillary Duff
Kelly Clarkson
Matt Kearney