Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shop Til Ya Drop


Between college visits and cross country meets, I have finally gotten to do some shopping. I don't really like to shop unless it's during the fall or Christmas. I basically save all my money for vacation and Christmas shopping. I don't even have to buy anything to be satisfied with my shopping; I can have a blast just walking and looking. 

Not a fan of McDonald's, but I almost got a kids' meal just so I could have a Peanuts toy.
Now this is what I'm talking about!  Not only is this mug Peanuts, it's jumbo-sized. That's how I do it. 

Sadly, these Yankee Candle scents are now retired. Occasionally you'll be able to find them at outlet stores!  These were in Greenville, SC. Also the first time I have ever seen peanut butter in a candle, but I've always said that should be a no-brainer. How could you not like the smell of peanut butter?
These two are current scents and also current scents in my room!  
Dick's Sporting Goods is one of those places where I could spend thousands of dollars but just can't. Adidas for real: All Day I Dream About Sports (Shopping)!  This top specifically went on my wish list!
I am a clearance rack shopper, and luckily, Dick's usually has good variety there. Picked up some gifts for myself and others while I was there!
I was really debating getting these PJ's for one of my BABs...added them to the wish list, though. Snoopy is everywhere.
How perfect!  My word...

Yes this is a lot of Bath and Body Works. They smell fantastic. They have really cute designs. However, they are not very cheap, so sometimes I just smell and take pictures. 

Victoria's Secret and Pink are all in the Christmas spirit, too!
Dinner one night after state was Logan's Roadhouse. They were having a social media thing with this turkey leg meal, so of course I participated!  It tasted really good, too! #LogansTitanUpSweeps #TurkeyLeg
This is only one wall of all the crazy socks in a store at the Green Hills mall in Franklin!  I had Thanksgiving socks on my list for years now, and finally found some!  They were even a great running brand, Swiftwick, so now I can turkey trot in my turkey socks.
I made a joke about "goatmeal" a few weeks back, and then literally laughed out loud when I found some real goatmeal at Target. It's even one of my favorite brands!  Would you judge me if I said this is on my wish list now, too. Go ahead. 

Target is another place to find all kinds of seasonal and Snoopy gear. They also have the biggest selection of pajamas out of any store I go to!  Mom and I love their pj sets.
This is what I need. I am the hot-and-spicy queen.
Life is Good and loving ice cream?  That's me. 

Another cute little snack from Target. Plan?  Oatmeal and pancake mix-in.
I don't know how charcoal can be activated nor how it can help my skin, but it does. Ever since I've been using this, my problem areas are cleaned up. When I don't use it for a few days, they come back!  Not the cheapest bar of soap, but it's worth it. A little goes a long way.
Pumpkin pecan waffles is one of my favorite Bath and Body candle scents, but this one was at Walmart and smells just as good!  So if you can't get to a B&B or don't want to pay for it, this one is a winner.
This shopping stop was after Footlocker in Charlotte, NC. That place is about the best shopping I've ever done. We spent all day after the race at the South Park Mall, and that is only one place. Shopping is literally everywhere. Any store you want, it's in town somewhere. Any restaurant/type of food, it's not far away. I could spend all week there and still not be done.
 I made a couple purchases at their Bath & Body, too. Believe it or not, different locations across the country have different items in stock just like some restaurants and foods.
How cute are these new soaps!?
Can't forget the precious hanitizers either.
Southpark also has a Vineyard Vines store.  They had tons of holiday designs, especially in pajama pants!
They were giving out cookies. I would rather have some money to spend in there, but oh well.
These shirts were long-sleeved and actually pretty cheap!
Have you ever seen a Panera Bread in a food court?  I sure hadn't, but it made my day even that much better!  If been wanting to try the turkey chili for almost 3 years; I finally got it. The seasonal autumn squash soup is also to die for. So creamy and delicious. Mom and Dad aren't Panera fans, so I got my Panera fix without them having to suffer. Ain't that a win-win?
Christmas shopping was such a success!

But it didn't stop there!  We made a weekend trip out of the race trip, so Sunday we were back at it. We slept in, then headed to Cracker Barrel for brunch. They have awesome seasonal items, too.
Kohls. Oh my goodness. I was almost overwhelmed by everything there!  I would've shopped much longer, but Dad was ready to hit the road. He is a good trooper, though. Peanuts clothes had me distracted for a while, all on sale, so I could not choose!  I got a couple things and left the rest for the wish list.
They also have an enormous amount of stocking stuffers and small gifts, as well as Christmas-specific items!  The Black Friday sales were still there, so even though I spent around $80, it would've been like $200 or so at least. I didn't get all that I wish I could've, but I gotta hold back some!
 I had never seen this Yankee scent before either. Gotta love exploring. They also had 50% off jewelry, another great gift girls and women love.
Makes me want to sing and dance!  I do love big cups of coffee!
Speaking of coffee, another first: Joe Muggs!  It was fancy, delicious, and cheap!  I got a gingerbread espresso (with coffee) for just about $2!  And the cup is so cute. Half that day and half the next day for school had me extra perky for the start of December. 

I'm ready to live it up this Christmas!