Friday, December 5, 2014

Feels Like Fall

Time is flying by faster than I could have ever imagined, and honestly, it is upsetting me!  I miss the days when life was so simple, stresses so few, and down time so much more common.  Now everything seems so complicated, stressful, and non-stopping.  Here it is the 5th of December, and I am just now finding time to update these posts and review what I've done the past few months.  They went by so quickly, I feel like I didn't even get to enjoy the experiences.  I was constantly rushing from one thing to the next.

However, I live for this time of year and find so much joy in all that goes on!  I have just had to miss out on some things that I used to really enjoy around the holidays, simple things, but things that still made me happy.  But I won't let a busy schedule keep me from enjoying life!  I have realized how short it truly is and that there is so much more to enjoy than to let the unimportant stresses take away from the life that Christ has SO GRACIOUSLY given me.  I truly am blessed with a wonderful life, and I need to take more time to soak it in and appreciate it.  The petty things I view as problems, may be appreciated by others who are less fortunate.

My Build-a-bears and other stuffed animals, along with my bedroom decorations, always get changed with the seasons.  I used to have somewhere from 10-13 build-a-bears and at least that many Webkinz, but sadly, I got rid of all of them but one, my moose, several years ago.  I also had more accessories and holiday outfits, so now I am even more sad that I didn't keep more of them!  I have accumulated some new ones, though, and they are very special to me!  (Even though that sounds childish for a 17-year-old, I am not ashamed!)
This tree in our front yard always has such pretty leaves, but they disappear fast, so I have to get a picture of them or playing in the early in the season.  The brightest red trees are my favorite!
Another thing about fall that I love is the emergence of everything pumpkin!  Not only the tastes, but just the mere smell of pumpkin makes me so happy!  Bath & Body Works scents are #1 on my list.  This year I couldn't even count all the pumpkin scent variations.  They even made one that was a combination of two of my favorites:  Pumpkin Marshamallow!  While I was going to find the link to that lotion's page, I was surprised to see a candle I hadn't seen, (but would love to own!) vanilla pumpkin marshmallow.

That same afternoon I also got my Build-a-bear mooses/meese/whatever-you-call-thems that were in Halloween attire out in the leaves for pictures, too.

My socks, phone wallpaper, and Tervis were coordinating!
Another new pair of Halloween socks from my birthday
Snoopy and candy corn?  Yes!

Driving down Sulphur Springs Road from the highway to school, I have seen people literally pull over to look at this house.  The picture doesn't show detail, but they have spent who knows how much money on decorations for Halloween and Christmas.  It is one of a kind!
This candle isn't Bath and Body, but Glade.  Mom and I have found that Glade seasonal scents from Walmart are pretty great, too!
There are certain comics that I really like to look at, but I especially try to look through them near holidays.  Not only are there more funny ones and ones that I can relate to, but some are also very meaningful, too!
This one has nothing to do with the fall, but it makes so much sense with my poor dad doesn't always use cell phone technology very well, but he's getting there!  We will never let him live down the day he tried to take a picture of a Lady Vol basketball player and me, and we could see his eye on the screen like the ear in this comic.  He couldn't figure out why he couldn't see us...
The trees weren't the only ones crying because summer is over!  I miss the sunshine and heat!
This reminds me of Panther Creek
Picking a pumpkin at Halloween is like trimming the tree at Christmas
I'm with Snoopy here.  There are a lot of times when I am waiting around feeling like I'm wasting time, just looking forward to eating.
...the night that the Great Pumpkin comes!
My cousin posted this on Facebook from a long time ago when her boys were just little!  They are now in college, with the oldest almost out of medical school.  They are too cute here!  (and still are even though they're older)
A turn of the calendar to a new month means a new "Love Is" picture.
"Do not let your hearts be troubled.  You believe in God; believe also in Me." John 14:1