Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Workout (Anytime) and Weekend

Since October, we have gotten a new gym in town, Workout Anytime!  We have an entire brand new shopping center, too, with TCBY and Food City, too.  As you could imagine if you know me at all, it could also be called "Makenzie's Happy Place."  I can get fit and get food all in one place.

I wasn't sure if Mom would actually get me the $15 monthly membership, especially after I found out the first time was also a $49 starting fee (half price for the first week of opening!), but she did, and I have gotten my money's worth already!  I enjoy using the recumbent stationery bikes, ellipticals, and some of the strength machines in my cross training.

There are so many machines available for all kinds of exercise, strength and cardio.  I also really like that they play KLove on the radio all the time here!

One Saturday afternoon, the same day that I had taken these pictures at WOAT, I rode with Mom to another fairly new place in town, PetSense, to pick up our dog from getting a bath.  I was amazed at the fancy dog treats they have for Christmas.  I don't even make cookies for myself look like that!
I was also seriously tempted to buy some of this canned stuff for myself, too...

Although the food looked quite yummy, this is what I really wanted to take home.  The picture doesn't show it as much, but these adorable kittens were small enough to hold in one hand.  My heart melted!  Mom is a cat-lover, too, and I knew she would be all for it, but we knew we don't need any more pets at home.  Dad wouldn't like it if we came back with our dog and a new kitten!

That night after a quick dinner, I ran across the road and up the hill to Chantal and Cherie's house for smoothies and a movie!  Here are the twins whipping up theirs.
With my friends, we can't just take a smiling picture; we also have to get one in action!
I didn't get to stay to watch it all, but the movie we watched was Divergent!  I had never read the books nor even knew anything about it, but it was intense!