Friday, December 5, 2014

October, aka the Busiest Month of the Year

So as you can see, I am very behind on sharing things.  Life is crazy!
At least I can say that I never really get bored.  October begins all the holiday festivites, leading into my favortie three months of the whole year.  There are three major holidays, super smells and foods, cross country season is really getting down to the good stuff, and there is just so much to do.  It's also the month of my birthday!  Here's some stuff that filled my October.
Our cross country team always has a Halloween party with a dress-up theme and games.  This year's theme was old people, and we had some great participation!

Here at my dinner table, we made old granny faces as our pose for this photo!  We love this party for the fun costumes, but also for the food!  We do chili and soup buffet, which are my favorite!  We were all so excited for what everyone would bring to eat.
Old folks cause trouble, too.
Katlyn, one of my funniest friends, just by her natural self, made a big saggy butt!
One of my life long best friends parents own our TCBY, and they just opened up a new store, that is fancy and includes self serve.  The night before it opened, they had an exclusive "party" and we got all the free frozen yogurt we wanted!  My friend Britt and I were super pumped.  I am glad I found someone almost as excited about frozen yogurt as I am.  We just kept going back to refill our cups!
The day before the region meet, we had a shorter run, so Cherie took her phone and we took some goofy selfies.  This was my favorite!
As I say, there are a few comics that relate to my life so well!  Mutts is one of them, and this is one of their days that was "Johnny on the spot!"  (As my mom likes to say)  I eat pumpkin all the time, in many ways.
The region meet comes with tradition.  Our race is around 1:40 each year, so we get to miss school.  Coach Farmer takes us to a nearby park, and we have a picnic lunch and hang out for a little while before heading to the race.

One of my teammates, who knows my love for Peanuts and obviously running sent me this that day!

At the region meet, our boys team wanted to qualify for state so badly, but came up short. It has been a long time since they have qualified, but this year they were really set on that goal, and I am still very proud of how they came together like brothers for support through thick and thin this year.
This girl is just a freshman, but I believe that she will be a top runner in our state very soon!  She really looked up to me at meets this season, and she wanted a picture together this day. She qualified for state, and I enjoyed getting to talk to her and answer her questions and give her some advice. 

Adam is just a beast. I'm glad we've gotten to be champs at several meets these past couple years.  We have done lots of record setting, including this day! He has recently committed to run for Georgetown!  I'm blessed to know several of the country's top runners came out of East Tennessee. 
So I like purple and this outfit. Now, earrings, bracelt, shorts, shirt letters, socks...purple. 

I was the only one in the parking lot at the park before practice one nasty rainy day, so I sent mom and dad this picture saying that "I'm ready to run with all my friends."

October 14th is one of my close friend and teammate's birthday, Emily, but also the birthday of my favorite professional runner, Ryan Hall!  I tweeted him and was surprised to get a favorite from him!

During homecoming week at school, we had book character day. Can you guess who I am?  Junie B. Jones the party animal!  Matching the book cover perfectly!

Pancakes...ah my favorite breakfast food when I need a hearty one. This was after a super long run one Saturday morning. Almond butter banana with almond butter banana honey glaze. Pumpkin seeds add a nice touch, too. 
New drink!  I had heard that pomegranate is good for muscle recovery, but I had only eaten one in my life. After I found this at the grocery stairs, I decided to save it for after a race, and I drank it down after region. Yum!