Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 TSSAA Cross Country State Champions

Ever since Coach Farmer has been taking teams to the state meet, he has given each member of the team a stuffed animal that he or she has to personalize and carry everywhere!  This is my second year getting to be a part of this, and this year I was given a fox I named Foster.  He is wearing a Build-a-Bear Halloween costume!  If we leave our animals anywhere, no matter where we are, we must do push ups.  20 for the first offense, and it doubles each time after that.  I got up to 80 pushups on the day of the meet!  I left him in my room when I went down to breakfast.  However, Farmer let me (along with 3 others who forgot) do our pushups on the bus after we ate lunch.
This had been our goal since last season.  Last year we had some sickness and other things happen and we placed third, but we were determined to get that title this year.  We all had a great feeling going into and were ready to give it our all.  We had one senior on this team who has put in so much effort over the years.  We wanted to give it all for her, too.  And of course, I had always been saying that I felt God had great plans for us this season.  This season has had the best opportunities to witness that I have experienced.  My parents tell me many times, too, how people see and respect our actions so much.  I feel unexplainably blessed to be a part of this team and everything we've been through.  They are my best friends and sisters in Christ.  There is also no way that we could've made it without our amazing coach and supporting parents either.  We even had girls and parents from past teams drive all the way to Nashville to watch us!

We had to get in a goofy picture, too!  Even Farmer made a face. 
These shirts we got made for the weekend were designed by Haylea.  It's like the Covergirl saying, but Easy, Speedy, Beautiful, Runner Girl with the Runner Girl symbol on it!
People joked that the trophy weighs as much as I do.
When the final scores came out and we had blown everyone away, we all celebrated!  Coach Farmer was with us and we went off to a quiet spot to talk and pray.  We are so blessed to have a coach that prays with us.  There were tears, but they were tears of joy!

Jumping for Joy!
After leaving Percy Warner Park, Coach Farmer gave us a little more time at the mall!  (We had gotten just a short time to look around the previous night after dinner at an interesting Italinan resaurant called Buca di BeppoBuild-a-Bear came out with the brand new Christmas items just the night before, so Chantal, Cherie, and I went to get some to celebrate!  Mine is kind of hidden, but I got a Merry Mint Pup with pj's and and little moose!

I rode home with my parents, so we stayed and shopped a while longer.  Then I wanted some post-race dessert!  Froyo is my favorite, but at the beach I discovered Cold Stone Creamery aka the best ice cream ever.  I don't know what they do that makes it so unique, but you MUST try it.  This day I got cheesecake, Oreo creme filling, cake batter, and marshmallow.  Talkin bout heaven in a cup...the texture is just unreal!
What an amazing way to start the long weekend