Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jeremy Camp Concert

Part of my birthday gift from my parents was tickets to a Jeremy Camp concert last Saturday night at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center in Greeneville, Tennessee, just about 30 minutes down the road.  Little did I know at the time I received these tickets that it would be just what I needed to rekindle my spirit this night.  I had been feeling unfocused and unmotivated, like I had lost the joy that I had been so filled with all year.  I began to think about my heart not being right during Rob's message Wednesday night at church, but I still didn't feel right inside. 
Jeremy is such a great speaker along with his amazing live performance in singing.  Listening to the words of his songs like Reckless, Jesus Saves, Overcome, and many more just made me think of how beautiful life is, and how we all have reasons to celebrate in who God is, no matter what the circumstances are.
He also talked about distractions.  I have a lot of those.  That is what I believe had made me unhappy, becuase the things of this world don't make me happy.  My joy comes from finding satidfaction in my salvation.  We both feel that He is coming soon!  Jeremy mentioned living in the anticipation of His coming.  There is no reason to waste the time we've been given on things that don't amount to anything.  We should "raise a shout!  and let all the world know that Jesus Saves!"  We also share a favorite verse:  Acts 20:24  "However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." 
I am motivated to do whatever God wants me to.  It is really hard to put myself behind, and I stuggle daily with prioritizing.  I want people to hold me accountable for my actions and words, becuase I am not here to please people or myself, but to bring glory to God.

This is my friend Brooke who came with me.  She loves Christian music and concerts, too.  I love having friends that I can praise the Lord with!
There was a "meet-and-greet" and autograph signing after the concert, too.  Stands were set up selling CDs, small posters, necklaces, a variety of Tshirts, and his book, I Still Believe.  He talked a little about what it is written about during the concert, and it really interested me.  My favortie books are true and inspriational words by people like this.  They hold my attention and challenge me to live a better life for Christ.  Jeremy's expericed a tragic time in his life (I won't give it away if you choose to read and don't already know), and he writes about how his faith was challenged and how He abides in God to overcome life's terrible circumstances and comes to rest in the joy, peace, and love of Christ.  Several of his songs are also written during this time.  I can't wait to get started reading!

I wanted to add this little off-topic bit from the evening, because it was a new place I got to try!  These frozen yogurt shops are popping up everywhere!  For me, this is very exciting. 
Before leaving home, I looked up restaurants near this part of Greeneville.  The place we ended up for dinner was also new for us, and quite tasty!  I am a big fan of Mexican food.  The restaurant is called Monterrey's.
In the same shopping center is a self-serve froyo shop called Sweet CeCe's.  Every froyo shop has its own unique things, in my opinion, and this one is fantastic, too!  I really like how their cheesecake bites were quite large and very "cheesecakey."  All the toppings are set up in a neat arrangement; they are in tall tubes with turn knobs that drop it out the bottom!  This cup is cake batter, graham cracker, and pumpkin, with a little Heath inside and of course, cheesecake!