Monday, November 11, 2013

State Champions Run on Dunkin, Too

Last Monday was Hamblen County's Fall Break, so we had an extra day after this thrilling weekend!  Of course I wanted to get a run in, so Sunday afternoon, I called up Chantal and Cherie and asked if they wanted to meet at my house the next morning and do a run to Dunkin Donuts.  I'd started doing this last season with my dad, and the girls thought it was such a creative idea, so I have started asking them to join me every once and a while!  Katlyn comes some too, but this time she was at her mamaw's house.  We start at my house, since the girls live close enough to walk, and run to the highway, through downtown and past the churches, and past some houses and lovely scenery this time of year, and finish at the store across the railroad on Morris Blvd!  My mom is usually the one to pick us up from there.
I decided to try something new, and get a wheat bagel with cream cheese.  I also added jelly and honey I brought just in case.  Since I am signed up for their emails and rewards, I get lots of coupons, so today I used my free medium birthday drink to get my coffee!  From my iPhone app, I got mom a free cappuccino.  Chantal and Cherie got manager's special cream filled and donuts.  This was a fun and yummy way to start the day!