Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ice Cream and Birthday Cake!

What a blessing it is to have a this thing we call birthdays!  Saturday night, I had the cross country team (girls) over for a little 16th birthday celebration.  I wanted to make the food for my party instead of going out to eat somewhere, so we had a hectic day at the Jones house!  I went on an eight mile road run after I woke up, Dad following behind me on his bike.  When I came home, I made some pumpkin caramel pancakes with some coffee for breakfast/lunch since it was already almost 12:00 by the time I got to eat.  As soon as this was finished, Mom and I began the cooking!  I had chosen two recipes I found for my dessert.  What fun is a party without eating all the good stuff?  That's what I love them for!  (And the fun fellowship of course)  So these recepies are actually healthy, so I could eat a ton witout feeling too bad.  It's my birthday (party) , so I'll have my cake and eat it too! 
We made a Snickers ice cream cake, then topped it with peanut butter mousse. The cake is made of pudding mix, peanuts, chunky peanut butter, ice cream, cereal, and cool whip.  The mousse contains more cool whip, cream cheese, peanut butter, milk, and Splenda.
This super tasty treat is also super easy to make!
Dad made 5 double-batches of his chili, cooking all day.  Mom and I also whipped up a pan of the amazing cornbread.  All the food was a hit with the girls!  I am so thankful for all the hard work my parents put in for my friends and me!
Yes, I stuck a candle in an ice cream cake.  No, it did not melt while the girls sang.
I also loved it so much that I ate 6 pieces.  I would've just finished it off, but I made myself just walk away from the pan.