Monday, October 14, 2013

The Art of Self Serve Frozen Yogurt

My favorite thing on this earth is frozen yogurt.
Especially the self serve kind.  I consider it an art.
If there is a froyo shop around, you best bet I'm gonna ask if we can go!  It is expensive (especially if you overflow your cup like I do), so I only get it on special occasions.  My absolute favorite time to have it is on our way home from a race.  Since it is yogurt, these places have healthy choices!  They are filled with probiotics and live and active cultures.  The protein, little sugar, and toppings and fruit that can be added are great for recovery.  Saturday I went to Menchie's.  That's where the pictures below are from.  I also love Yogli Mogli, Sweet Frog, Cameez (which I have only seen in Frisco, Colorado; they also have self-serve oatmeal and coffee).  Our mall has also recently gotten a Red Mango.  I've never been to the Orange Leaf, but I have heard it is good as well.  Some TCBYs are also becoming self-serve.
Information on these health benefits and store locations can be found on these websites:
Sometimes there are toppings that go really well with certain flavors, so why put toppings only on top?  I layered mine up!
Layer one:  Pumpkin topped with cheesecake bites
Layer two:  Cake batter topped with Recees Pieces, carob chips, dark chocolate chips, and espresso beans
Layer three:  Peanut Butter topped with more Recees Pieces, caramel turtles, and Heath
Layer four:  Praline
Below is the finished product!  I swirled the Cake Batter and Pumpkin on top and added some more cheesecake and candy corn pieces for the finishing touches, because if it looks good, it will always taste better! 
I was reading an interview yesterday from Running Times on their high school athlete of the week, who is a repeat in this category.  Aaron Templeton from Hardin Valley just an hour or so down the road is one of the nation's top runners!  I agree with him on the last thing they quoted from him:  "It's not such a bad thing to have ice cream after a race."