Friday, December 20, 2013

A Charlie Brown Christmas Night

I have finally delivered all my presents to school.  Wednesday night, I spent some more time downstairs wrapping gifts for friends and teachers.  And what is Christmas wrapping without Christmas movies?  My mom got me the holiday set of the Charlie Brown movies, so I have now worked my way through the Great Pumpkin to Christmas.
My friends Abby and Noah gave me two of the Snoppy stuffed animals from Khols Cares above, and my mom gave me the other one, and they didn't even know what each other got me!  (This was for my birthday in October.)  I had to bring them with me to complete the atmosphere.  Some of my wrapping paper (which is sadly gone now) is even Peanuts!
However, I am sad that this part of the season is over.  I get out of school for Christmas Break in an hour and 10 minutes.  It's already December 20th.  I am not ready for this.  On my way to school this morning, the song Come on, Christmas by Matthew West played from my CD.  One verse says, "I wouldn't mind if you're early this time.  So come on, come on, come on Christmas."  I thought well that's usually how I would feel, but this year it cannot come early; I'm not ready for this!  Time has flown by too fast, but I am just praying for peace to enjoy every moment.