Friday, December 13, 2013

Gingerbread House of the Day #2

Here it is!  The other gingerbread house I was inspired to make during second period yesterday.
I had all this stuff at home that goes great with graham crackers, so I decided to to do a Christmas craft with it...then eat it of course.  This was an addition to my dinner and dessert last night.
I used almond butter to connect the house
vanilla bean cheesecake cream cheese to hold the "doors and windows" (Recees Pieces) in place
more of the vbccc to be snow on the rooftop
light brown Heath Pieces as "shingles"
and cool whip as snow!
To the side I made a nut tree
pumpkin spice cream cheese
and pumpkin butter make the ground layers
then cool whip and cinnamon make the snow
the "tree" is a skinny graham cracker with more pscc and pumpkin
with pistachios and peanuts stuck all around and on top
Before I ate it, I drizzeled some honey on top, becuase a little honey makes everthing tastier!
The cool whip added an amazing flavor to it, also.
 I was thrilled with how yummy this fun project turned out.
A healthy, happy, festive treat for the Christmas season!