Monday, December 23, 2013

No Ba Humbug.

My mom is fed up with all these televisions channels, public places, and pretty much everything has become all ba humbug, showing no Christmas spirit.  Not wanting to cook dinner, Mom suggested that we should go to Cookout and grab a bite.  We walked in, no Christmas decorations, and Mom completely changed her attitude and said, "What is this?  Not even a Christmas tree?  Yeah, we're not eating here.  Let's walk over to Buddy's; I could see a tree through the window."
Buddy's is where I wanted to eat in the first place, which combined with a good atmosphere, made for a happy Kenzie.  It did seem rather strange for Mom to do that, though. 
She made a good choice!  The inside was decorated so nice, and Christmas music was playing!  The fire and not-fluorescent lights also made it feel all nice and warm-cozy.

I could have this meal all the time!  It'd been a while since I had eaten at Buddy's BBQ, and I forgot just how yummy it is.  Last night I got a turkey plate with green beans and potato salad.  The meals come with hushpuppies, too, but I'm not a fan.
In time for the holidays, they added eggnog to their list of old-fashioned shakes.  Made with soft-serve ice cream and Mayfield eggnog, topped with nutmeg, it was tempting me all through my meal.  So, I got one and split it with Mom!  This was a good decision, and I may have to go get another one before long.

Pal's always has good, simple little thoughts to share.  Our Pal's is also right with these other restaurants.  I just LOVE to give, so I had to snap a picture of the sign.  You can also follow @palsweb on Twitter to see their daily words of wisdom.
"...We must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said:  'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"  Acts 20:34

Chick-fil-a also has a cute little set up for Christmas!  I took this picture one Wednesday morning before Bible Study.  I am actually very glad that Mom made such a random decision to walk out of Cookout!  I am all for supporting places that display some Christmas spirit!  This is a time to celebrate, and I intend to celebrate.