Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celebrating the Savior

This was the day, the day we'd all been waiting for!  I think it is so neat that each Christmas,      Hobby Lobby puts a full page ad in the paper about what we are truly celebrating-Jesus's birthday.  I just wanted to put this picture first, because it is truly the source of all life's joy.
As I've gotten older, I have noticed that I don't look forward to the gifts so much, but find myself getting more excited about the little things, like get-togethers with friends, moments with friends and family, smiles and laughs, and just relaxing and taking in the beautiful world God has blessed us with.

Mom just had to let Sophie in for Christmas!  She just loves her kitty.

Here is our lovely tree before we left for Christmas Eve!  Christmas morning, it looked a little different, because the gifts to and from grandparents weren't there, but a stack for me from "Santa" had appeared!  Mom has our entire living room matching.  The wrapping paper each year also must color coordinate.  She also won't put an ornament on the tree that doesn't match, no matter who it came from.  (I even have an anniversary ornament on my tree because it matched mine better.)  I do love to look at Christmas decorations!  Not a bit of ba humbug in our house!
Our stockings also match, mine (which you cannot see here) hangs in the middle with a reindeer on it, and Mom and Dad's are on the ends with Santas.  Since this dress I got "would not fit in any sort of wrapping,"  Mom just hung it up with my stocking.  Cute idea I thought!  So I quickly "opened" my first gift upon walking into the room.
I got so many great gifts, some of which you will see in later posts of me putting them into use, but I don't want to elaborate on the gifts I received.  I already have everything I need because of Christ.  Although this Christmas has been super busy, it has been amazing.  I have enjoyed it so much!  I am so blessed to be living this life.
Last year, I got a Garmin GPS watch (the one I am wearing in this picture.).  I was so excited, wanting to try it out asap.  Remember how when you are a little kid, Christmas Day is spent playing with all your new toys?  Well that's what we did, play with my new toy.  (Meaning, we went for a run.)  This year, Mom and I (mostly mom) got Dad a GPS watch!  So we had our second annual Christmas Day run!  As you can see in the above picture, I had to show him how to use it.
We have a couple more Christmas Day traditions with our food.  Breakfast is cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole made by Mom, then dinner is spaghetti made by Dad!