Monday, December 16, 2013

A Day Full of Christmas

Time has so gotten away from me.  I am so behing on my gift wrapping, card making, decorating, cooking, celebrating, and just getting in the spirit!  There is no way that it is December 16th already.
However, yesterday was a very Christmasy day!  I started out taking two gifts to people at church and learning some new songs in service.  I got my own Latte Moon this morning, too, to take with me to Sunday School at the youth building across the street.  I was glad I had something warm; the sanctuary left me still cold and it was freezing temps outside as well!  This here is coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, topped with mini marshmallows and cool whip!  I never knew until this morning how yummy those toppings make coffee.
After Sunday School, my class had our Christmas party at our terrific leader Patty's house.  Our college leader, Jenna, and her family came, too.  Patty set up a chicken and/or beef taco bar, fixed drinks and coffee, and had also made some super yummy buckeyes!
  Below are some of the cookies we baked.  We made hundreds of treats!  These cookies are going to go to some older and/or disable people around our area that our church does some ministry with.



Top left is Morgan, who is spreading some PB on crackers to be dipped in white chocolate.
Below her is Patty, dipping the crackers.  She was too excited about those!
Bottom left is Cassie, who was getting a kick out of us flattening the cookie dough.
Top right is Bella, trying but failing to flatten an entire chunk of cookie dough.
Last but not least is Julia rolling and covering snickerdoodle dough made by her mom.
I made a batch of gingerbread cookies!
Our class is much larger than just these girls, but due to previous holiday plans, not everyone could come!
To conclude my Sunday, I went with my mom, dad, friend Brooke and her mom to my church's final night of The Living Christmas Tree, The Birthday of the King.  I would be terrified to be up there so high in that tree, especially the poor lady at the tip-top!  This performace of Christmas songs and the true Christmas story of Jesus's birth is heard by so many each of three nights.  It is a great way to get in the spirit and share the gospel.