Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shopping Day with Mom

On the Friday after Christmas, Mom and I went to Knoxville to shop.  Last year we also went on December 27th, so I told Mom that we should make this another tradition.  I really enjoy the days that we spend shopping together!  Occasionally, shopping brings us to arguments because we have such different styles, but we have been doing good lately!
Our first stop was at a store where I could spend all my money, and this is no joke.  There is always SO much, and I can even just walk around and look at everything for hours, too.  This place is Dick's Sporting Goods.  If you're an athlete, after I said the store name, you know why I love it so much.  Two shirts my mom had gotten me were a size too small, and we were lucky enough to find the exact shirts in the right size.  How often does that happen?  Dick's also has great sales after Christmas, I have come to find out, so I also bought a pair of spandex shorts and some gray half-tights to run in on cooler days.
Next we headed to another one of my favorties:  Panera Bread.
I'm the kind of person who loves to go to these fancy little places, because I don't get to much.  When Mom takes me (I actually got Dad to take me and a friend and her mom after a cross country meet once), it is a treat!
I know that I can always count on Panera to have yummy, fresh, healthy, and satisfying items on the menu.  They also have seasonal items rotating all year to keep things new!
Here I had a cup of vegetable soup with a roasted turkey harvest and wheatberry salad with hummus.

The bakery in Panera is also great!  I got a coffee, hazelnut blend, with a pumpkin muffie!
I also love how they have it set out for you to fix your own coffee with cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey; I added it on top of my muffie!  Honey makes everything better.  Mom got an apple crunch muffin, and it was fantastic as well!
Next we headed to the mall to exchange some socks, find a shirt or two, get some pajamas for mom, and look around.  Even when I don't buy things, I love to go to the West Town Mall.  However, malls have become a very disturbing place for those with modesty and morals...I thought I might be blind by the time I left.  
Store like Hollister, Abercrombie, and others have sales such as 50% off entire store this time of year!
Afterwards, we went to another one of my favorites (yes, Knoxville has lots of my favorties), Target!  Here I got a new game for my Wii.
Finally we went to SAMS so mom could renew her membership and we could pick up some food that is good to buy in larger quantities.
Today was another great day of Christmas vacation!
**But I also learned a couple things:
1. If you're trying to quickly get the frost off the windshield of your car, remember when you crank it, turn on the defrost.  It helps speed things up...silly me.
2.  If it is super cold, and your hands don't like cold, don't run if you aren't fully prepared.  Then you may not be able to text your mother or even crank the car.
3.  Don't let your hands get so cold that when they sense warm and begin to thaw, you get horrible pains to where you cry more than you have in years.
Yes, I did these things this morning.
Learn from your mistakes!