Thursday, July 3, 2014

Enjoy the Stride

I just love running! Summer really is my favorite time of year because I can run, cook, play outside, read, hang out, tan, swim, make social plans, and do all kinds of fun things!  I've really been excited about getting out there and running each day, too, and I am so proud of my teammates for getting out and working hard as well.

Yesterday, we had a voluntary two-a-day, and these two came with me:  a freshman and a sophomore.  Calista was hurt last season, and she is working really hard this summer to get back into it!  We did a 30 minute run on our own pace, and we met coming up a hill to the parking lot at the same time, and they were pushing it hard all the way up to the car!  I loved seeing that effort when they were already doing an extra run and didn't even have to go hard either!
Coach Farmer always gives us a "summer training guide" that we can use (which no one ever really does) to guide what we do while he can't talk to us, but we kinda used it this summer.  By this week, it said to begin two-a-days if you haven't already, so I suggested it to the girls.  We feel that Farmer has a tougher season in store for us soon, too!  This afternoon was super hot, humid, and sunny, so it was a good idea to run in this weather some before we go to camp.
I go online and look for things to buy all the time, because you can often find unique things at cheaper prices.
In my opinion, pictures are great, too.  And free.
Life is Good is one of my all time favorite brands, and I found these pictures to save and share!  I always try to be optimistic (notice try, not always succeed), like they say, "the power of optimism."

They say you're supposed to replace your running shoes at 500 miles, if not before, and mine are way over that mark!  Unfortunately, that usually happens to me.  After weeks and weeks of telling Dad that I really need new shoes, he finally ordered me some because I especially need new ones to have another pair when I head off to camp.  Since I am doing two camps back to back this summer, one of which leaves in just over 3 days, I need them now.  Mom kept freaking out because she was afraid they weren't going to arrive in time.
He showed me two pairs at decent prices, the same ones I had and the newer model, and I told him either was fine.  I didn't know which ones he ordered until they came in the mail yesterday.
Whatever you do today, I encourage you to get outside and enjoy God's creation!  Wherever you go, think optimistic, and "Enjoy the Stride!"