Monday, July 28, 2014

Finally Home Friday! (Food, Fitness, Farmers' Market, Faith, Funnies)

This is Friday as in Friday, July 18th.
Oops!  I got confused by all my drafts and got out of order on publishing my updated/complete posts!  This one should have come out after Cross Country Camp.
Anyways, I got up to a drizzle of rain, but continued on with my plans.  I left home around 9:00 to run to yoga.  A teammate came by my house to pick up my yoga mat, dry clothes, and a snack to take there for me.  (She lives in my neighborhood; I'm not that mean!)  By the time I got started, the rain was very light and completely stopped by a mile into the run.  I ended up with time left when I reached downtown, so I went back and forth on the nearby blocks until I reached a good distance to stop at before heading in.
The Friday morning after we get home from camp, we get to go to yoga!  Most people think it's really hard, but it is fun, challenging, and really helps loosen us up.  The past two summers, we have gone to The Main Loft in downtown Morristown.  I really like this place and plan on attending some of their other classes when I get a chance!
I don't know about everybody else, but after taking this class for almost 2 hours, I felt amazing.
The wall-length mirror is really nice.  You can see yourself, and the instructor better and from different angles, which helps if you are struggling to pull off a pose.
On the way home, Mom and I stopped by one of my favorite summertime places: the farmers' market!  I love fresh fruit and vegetables, and I always feel better eating local ones.  It makes me happy to taste the freshness and be helping out local farmers!


I had to take a picture of this man sleeping on the job.  Welcome to Morristown.  He had lots of help down in the stands, though.

When I got home from all this activity, it was around 1:00, and I was needing some hefty refuel, so I whipped up a new batch of pancakes!  These were almond butter banana with an almond butter banana glaze.  It may sound too complicated, but it is really simple.
Pancake:  whole wheat batter, mushed banana, almond butter, water
Glaze:  mushed banana, almond butter, honey, sugar free syrup; microwaved and drizzled on top
These pancakes were so fluffy and moist and possibly the best ones I've ever made!  Banana in breads and things like that really make them better, I have noticed lately.

That night, I made another thing that has become one of my favorites:  roasted vegetables!  My favorite ones to do are sweet potatoes, onion, zucchini, and squash.  I also add lots of spices and drizzle some water for it all to soak up so they don't dry up in the oven.

I screenshotted this photo off of Carrots N Cake's Instagram because it is a very accurate pun!

Here's a final little faith/funny to end this Friday (from two weeks ago) post.
From the wonderful Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, Jesus says in chapter 5 verses 44-45, "I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you , that you may be children of your Father in heaven."