Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Faith, Funnies, Fitness, and Fuel

Sara Hall's blog post from February 4th.
Just this week I got to scroll through and view some of the blogs on my "reading list."  I had been so busy, I hadn't looked at any since Christmas Break.  We're over halfway to Christmas again now.
I really enjoyed this post, because it described me quite accurately!  (Not that I am a professional athlete, but personality-wise)  I am achievement-motivated, like Sara, and am always go-go-going looking for something to do.  (It's not hard for me to find things to do)  I also hate sitting around and doing nothing.  Breaks are tough for me; I'm always looking for the next big challenge.  To be so achievement-motivated, you also have to be able to give yourself grace when you fail.  That's tough because, hello, we want to achieve!  However, God has plans for us, and we fail Him everyday, yet He continuously gives us grace and more opportunities to do for Him.  I can't only be worried about achieving my worldly goals, but I must worry much more about working toward the challenges that God puts before me!
If you ever think you are bored and have nothing to do, think again.  Actually, pray.  Ask God to show you and motivate you with His Spirit to get out there and do what He wants you to do today.  I promise God has something wonderful in store for you and me.  He will never let you get bored--you let you get bored.

I was so excited to hear on Monday that I was the winner of a free pack of grilled nuggets from Chick-fil-a!  I love those things!  Chick-fil-a is also one of my favorite places.  I had forgotten a while back that they would give away to so many customers who commented on a status about how they love to enjoy the new grilled chicken items, and I did, not expecting to win anything (how often do you actually win contests you enter?  Yeah, that's what I said.), so I totally forgot about it until I saw an email notification that my friend's mom had tagged me in a post.  I'm so glad she did, because I hardly ever check my Facebook unless I have a specific purpose, so I never would have seen it.  I can get them on Saturday, so it's almost grilled nugget time!
I enjoy looking at the comics each day, because some of them really get me.  I also make lots of collages of my favorite things, and comics is one of them!  Some of these are hard to read on here, but they make me laugh because of how well they relate to my life!
My favorites to read are Garfield (which is no longer in our paper, so I have to find it online), Family Circus, Bizzarro, Pickles, Rhymes with Orange, For Better or For Worse, Peanuts (of course), Arlo & Janis, Dennis the Menace, Zits, Frazz, Non Sequitur, Baby Blues, Mutts, and Crankshaft.
I don't enjoy the really wordy ones they go through long stories.  I like to just read a bit and laugh!
Each month, I get the joy of flipping my calendar and seeing the new Peanuts page!  Then I get to search out a Bible verse that goes along with it.
Love is looking out for your friends.
As Christians, we are here to help keep or brothers and sisters in Christ accountable.
"Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently...Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ...Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people..."
Galatians 6:1-2,10
Now for the fuel section!
This is a heavy duty protein bar that I took to the lake with me on Tuesday for after I skied; I knew I would need something because dinner was going to be late, and this has been a tough training week!  I found these on sale at Ingles, so I grabbed a couple.  They are Think Thin Chocolate Espresso.  230 calories, 20 grams of protein!  Good for when you need something above basic.
The past couple mornings, I've been munching on pumpkin-and-honey-topped apple cinnamon bread after my runs.
At Ingles one day, I got (probably way too) excited over this new creamer.  How could I not, though?  Caramel flavored things are good, but marshamallow?  That's my favorite!
Since I am about to leave for two weeks, minus a day inbetween, I am trying to finish up random foods around the house that would go bad while I'm gone, because no one else in my house will eat them.  A couple days I fixed a spinach, argula, cucumber, and strawberry salad.  I also had some of a dark chocolate Special K protein shake leftover from pancakes one day last week, so I added some milk to it and had some peanut butter cheerios (now like Reese's!) with dessert one night.  I had also been making homemade pasta sauce with some of my veggies at home, but the picture has disappeared from this page!  It was green if that helps give you a visual.
Hopefully, I can start doing some more weekly things like this!  I'm enjoying it, even if no one else is.  I'm praying for safety this July 4th weekend!