Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Parties and A Problem

Here is the problem:  my phone memory.  I have deleted and deleted pictures and music, which is what my settings tell me are taking up the most room, and I have no unnecessary apps taking up space.  I have way fewer pictures and song than I used to, yet it keeps telling me this with less memory taken up each time, so I don't know where it goes!  This is a major problem because I take pictures all the time!  Strange enough, if you didn't notice, I took a picture of it telling me that I had no room to take a picture.  I can screenshot and save pictures from the web and messages all I want, which still uses memory...I don't understand...obviously neither does my phone. 
Here's one party I'm preparing for!  On June 22nd, the Tuesday after we get back from our team cross country camp in Gatlinburg, the whole girls team is invited to my house to chow down on a buffet then have Bible Study together!  This morning before our run, we did some planning and discussing who is going to bring what.  We're already excited about it.
Here's another party!  Dad's birthday was yesterday, and we went out to the lake when he came home from work so that he could ski.  I skied, too, but I let him go first so he could be the first one on the water.  He went up and down the Boulevard once, I skied and made two runs through, then he went again.  He needed a break between!  He says he can't go like he used to, but I think he's still got it.
There he is, getting in his birthday ski!
It was a beautiful day out yesterday, hot and sunny.  There was some wind, but it didn't mess the water up too much.  Nights are always the most fun times to ski!