Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I love this verse from one day's post on 365Promises.  Rest is something we rarely get in this life, so it is so reassuring to know that in the midst of all life's chaos, we can go to God, and He can provide peace at any time or place.

People are all about taking pictures when they "match," and it has also become kind of a joke of people making fun of others for saying that they match when they really don't, but they just want an excuse to take a picture with someone.  Nobody can say that about us; Cherie and I are wearing the exact same shirt!  Emily and Chantal also have on pink tank tops, and we are all three wearing Nike Pro spandex.
This was after we did something new for a summer practice.  We've never done speed workouts during the summer before, and never done fartleks at all since we've been running cross country at West.  This morning, though, we split up into our 3 time/ability based groups, boys and girls training together (which I love the challenge), and did almost 7 and a half miles of fartleks!  It was a challenging workout, but we all liked it!
You may be wondering, "Why is farting considered a workout?" but that is not what it is.  It's some other language's word for "speed play," but you can read about it to find out more.
Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some items for some gifts for two of my best friends who were having a birthday party the next day.  I could spend hours in there (kinda like I do whenever we go to Target.  I thought these owl bowls set on their new fall display were adorable!
Hobby Lobby also has lots of cute, small, and cheap, yet meaningful cards that I enjoy looking at, too.  I got one each for the twins, and another two to have on hand to give to someone later.

This one finished in "because God made you special in every way!"  I gave it to one of the twins because they are considered the cupcake queens!
--I gave the ice cream bowl one to the other twin because they were going to have ice cream at the party, we all love frozen yogurt and desserts like that, and there were three bowls, which I wrote inside represented one for the each of us.
--The chicken one will be a surprise for a friend whenever I think it will be a good time to give her a card.  (She has pet chickens)  Shhh!  Don't tell her, if you know who it is!
--The middle one with the big bowl of ice cream is one that I got because I liked it, but I don't know who to give it to yet.  I'm saving it for a special occasion!
I love Hobby Lobby because you can always find spiritual and encouraging things there.  Bible verses are everywhere!  All the cards I bought today have one in them.  Sharing God's love is the best thing I can ever think to give someone.  So, when you don't know what to give someone, Jesus is always a good choice!
After leaving there, Mom and I went next door to Walmart.  I know it sounds strange, but I love that place (when they have what I'm looking for).  I just love to shop.  I don't even have to buy things when I shop.  I go to the mall sometimes just to look.  It gives me ideas!  Grocery stores are probably my favorite, though, with stores like Hobby Lobby, Target, and odd-and-in/crafty shops a close second.
Next stop:  Farmers' Market again!  Fresh and local vegetables and fruits are the way to go.
There's more to this Thursday that I am so thankful for!  I ran home from the Farmers' Market!  It was hot and humid, but some clouds came, so it wasn't too bad.  My afternoon runs have been feeling way better than in the mornings lately.  By then I have had time to warm, loosen, and fuel up, leaving me more fresh and energized to run strong and finish faster.  This run was really great!
I have really enjoyed days like this, and I wish that I could have more summer to do all these fun things.  I feel like I haven't really had much of a summer at all because it has gone by so quickly!  However, I am trying to make the most of every day.  Laying down at night feeling that you have had a productive day is a great feeling!  I got to do all kinds of things and be outside in the summer weather, and spend time with people that I love, and that's why I was thankful God blessed me with this beautiful day!