Friday, July 11, 2014

Three Random Things

Last weekend before I left for camp, I had posted these pictures to share.  There is no common theme or any real reason, besides that they made me happy.
A new Runner's World Magazine came in the mail!  This list was in there as a funny little insert, and I laughed as I read it, because it sounds a lot like me.
#10:  My team always does a camp with ourselves in the summer, but I also attended the camp at Furman University this year!
#9:  I have never seen this movie, but I'm sure I would like it.  I like to read running books, so I would probably go for a movie, too.
#8:  This was my first track season ever, as a sophomore, and I just don't feel for it quite like cross country.
#7:  I don't get a stridebox, but I always jump for joy at the sight of my monthly Runner's World in the mail and Running Times email.
#6:  I had a birthday cake that was running themed!
#5:  Hah, yeah, my nonrunning time stresses me out.
#4:  Christmas toys to play with on Christmas Day:  Garmin GPS, new Asics, Nike tanks and shorts.
#3:  Mom must follow me on the bike on vacation if Dad isn't running at the time.  What is a vacation without scenic runs?!  That's the beauty of vacation:  training somewhere new!
#2:  Not exact because of muddy days and races in spikes, but pretty close.  Just started a new pair for most runs, and since Christmas, that pair had somewhere around 800++ miles.  (Too many for one pair, I'm afraid!)
#1:  Ew, those celebrity magazines disgust me.
That Chick-fil-a that I posted about not too long ago that I was excited about winning for free?  One night I went out to enjoy some grilled nuggets with my favorite salad!
I thought this daily comic from my little flip book sounded like my team.  We can tie celebrating Jesus into anything!