Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday, July 3rd

Sometimes, I post #ThrowbackThursday pictures on Instagram, so I thought, why not make a blog post where I can share more?

This one's for my buddies Chantal and Cherie who are in Colorado at Team Prep USA running camp.  We've been gone so much this summer, I haven't seen them in almost an entire month now.  They will get back the day after Katlyn and I leave for Furman, so it will be until our team camp over another week from now until we will see them!  It has been odd without them here all summer.  They are two of my other best friends, and we always have so much to talk about, but we have hardly been able to talk!  We have sent snapchats and occasional messages back and forth, but I know we will have boatloads to talk about when we get together again!
This was last year at our team camp at the very tip top of Mount LeConte!
This is zucchini bread that I made last summer from my neighbor's recipe (she also gave me the fresh zucchinis to use!).  I used this same recipe as a guide as I created my apple cinnamon bread recipe that I have been eating on the past week!

I just love hearing crazy stories of things I did as a little kid.  Today I found out that I once spilled chocolate milk everywhere, and somehow, it splattered even on the ceiling of my parents' room and is still there.
Another milk story Dad told me today:  Once when I was little, Mom was not at home, but Dad heard me laughing and giggling up a storm back in my room, so he came to find out why.  I had my sippie cup spinning around spraying milk all over my room.
This is in honor of the "redneck water slide," because we won't get to do it this year because the water is so low.  There isn't grass that goes into the lake.  Rocks, clay, and dirt would make for a bumpy ride.
That's me on the tube and my life-long friend Preston being his athletic self and jumping over me as I slid down.
This one is for my kittycat because she's cute.
Last summer, I made a tasty chicken stir fry dinner for Mom, Dad, and me that we enjoyed out on the back deck.  Sophie wanted to join, so she took my seat before I even got started.
I was going to end this with a picture or at least words about what I did last Thursday, but I really don't know what I did!  I think that was the most relaxed day I had last week, so we just stayed at home.