Monday, July 21, 2014

MAD (Make a Difference) Monday

Yay Monday!
Wait, you aren't saying "yay Monday"?
That's alright; I totally understand.  I wouldn't be saying it either if we were back in school.  Monday is usually not a very pleasant day.  It's the start of a week, and usually seems like forever before the weekend will arrive only to go by too quickly and be Monday again.  I know for my dad, Mondays are always longer days at work in the office.  School is just loading up for the week, and we don't know how we will make it through to a short weekend "break," if you can even call it that.
Every day has opportunities to be something fun!
KLove does a little thing they call MAD (standing for Make a Difference) Monday, which I think is a great way to put a spin on the dreadful day of the week.  No matter how bad you think you're doing, there is someone out there having a worse day than you are.
So today, instead of dwelling on the long day and week ahead, let's put that effort into improving someone else's day!  I promise it will make you feel better, too!
Below is a picture you could even save and share with someone who has been a blessing in your life.  That way you can quickly and cute-ly encourage someone, and I already did some of the work for you!