Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fun on the Fourth

Let's start off Independence Day with a little throwback and arts and crafts.
Several years ago, I decided that I was going to paint a watermelon.
It's like carving a pumpkin for Halloween, just a different season, holiday, and food group!  
Now for this year!
 Magan, Erika, and I made a plum and pineapple sandwich.

With Will added in, we all had someone to match!

Laying out on the dock waiting for dinner time
The weather felt more like fall than summer:  dry, windy, cool, but sunny.
 I tried a new drink!  I got one at Ingles last week, and I am going to have to get more!  This Trop50 flavor is Pomegranate Blueberry. 

We had a big cookout with burgers, beans and beef, and other little sides and desserts before hanging out some more!

A little bit different colors, but the same old place I've spent (and loved) every summer of my life!
The Longs and Greens went to the fireworks at Cherokee Park, but we didn't take our boat out through the cold wind and rough waters.  Dad and I also wanted to get in bed.  This was a good idea, because they didn't start until almost 11:00, and we heard that it was not a good show...
Poor little Sophie was afraid of the fireworks around home, and Mom is a sucker for her baby, so she got to come inside.
Sophie loves Daddy, too.
Now this isn't July 4th anymore, but it's still the weekend!  Thank goodness!  I keep having to remind myself of what day it is each day this week.  I have been so messed up with that.
This morning I went on a long road run on the highway through town, then came home and made this stack of miniature pumpkin pancakes for breakfast/lunch!  I was exhausted from this week, so I was determined to sleep in at least some.